Let Half Price Lawyers stop your pending foreclosure.

Stuck with a mortgage payment you just can’t seem to pay? Are banks and lenders knocking down your door? Foreclosure is a common issue and one that can be very difficult emotionally and financially for a struggling homeowner.    Our foreclosure attorneys can help you save your home. Filing for bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure in its tracks and end lender harassment.

Whether you want to keep your home or buy some time before moving, our foreclosure lawyers know just what to do. As knowledgeable and helpful foreclosure lawyers, we’ll help you explore your options and find the best course of action for your unique situation.

Chapter 7

If you know you are not able to make payments on your home any longer, but you are not yet in a position to move, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can delay a foreclosure for months or sometimes even longer. The foreclosure laws allows you to stay in your home for free while the bankruptcy is being processed and, in some cases, several more months after it has been finalized. While you won’t be able to keep the house, Chapter 7 will free you from the debt of your missed payments.

Contact a foreclosure attorney today for a free consultation and to find the right option for you!