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Child Custody

Let our compassionate Las Vegas child custody lawyers protect your future with your children!

Our attorneys for child custody in Las Vegas can help you with any child custody situation that you may be facing. Whether you’re beginning a divorce for the first time, you’re seeking to establish child custody, or you need to change an existing child custody order, the skilled legal team at Half Price Lawyers is prepared to help you fight for your children and their rights under Nevada law. We work to advocate for our clients to the fullest extent of the law to help you protect what matters the most to you – your children.

Child Custody in Las Vegas

Child custody in Nevada involves determining which parent physically cares for the child. It also involves deciding which parent or parents have the right to make essential decisions for the child. When you’re involved in a child custody case, it’s important to remember to address both physical and legal custody of your child.

An order for child custody in Nevada can be unique. The court can consider individual circumstances and the needs of the child. There’s no one-size-fits-all outcome for child custody proceedings. The court can look at the entire set of circumstances and determine what’s best for the child. Because child custody is an individual determination, our child custody attorneys work in detail with each parent to decide what would be best for the children, and we build compelling evidence to bring to court.

Looking For a Child Custody Attorney in Las Vegas?

Having our experienced family law attorneys in Las Vegas working for you can help you ensure that you do all that you can to protect your children and fight for their best interests. Our team understands what evidence the court wants to see in child custody cases, and we set to work to build that evidence diligently.

Sometimes, fighting for your children means presenting the evidence at a hearing in open court. Other times, it means reaching a carefully-worded agreement with the other party. Ultimately, it’s up to you what you want to ask the court permission for. But our child custody attorneys aggressively build your case and fight for your rights so that you have the best possible options as you pursue your case on behalf of your children.

Our Child Custody Lawyers in Las Vegas Can Help Establish Child Custody

You may need the help of Half Price Lawyers to establish child custody and parenting time for the first time. If you do not have an existing custody order, you don’t have to wait for the other parent to give you access to your child. Instead, your child has the right to a relationship with you under Nevada law. To exercise that right, you must bring an action to the court to establish a custody order.

If you need a new child custody order, we can help. Our team can work quickly to pursue your case as fast as possible so that you can have an enforceable child custody order in place. We work with our clients to evaluate all of your options and ask the court for the custody and visitation schedule that’s the best for your child and your entire family.

Our Attorneys Can Help Modify Your Child Custody Order

If you need to change an existing child custody order, our legal team can help. Although it’s not easy to change a child custody order, there are circumstances in which it might be in the child’s best interest to modify an existing child custody order. If your case qualifies, you have every right to fight aggressively for the best interests of your children. Our attorneys help clients understand how the law applies.

If you decide to pursue a child custody modification, we prepare documents on your behalf, speak for you in court, build your claim, and negotiate with the other party. It’s important to understand how Nevada law applies so that you can carefully draft your court papers and best choose how to petition the court. Our team offers full-service representation for child custody modification cases.

Set Specific Guidelines With Our Child Visitation Attorneys

Another vital part of any child custody order is the child visitation and parenting schedule. The court creates a detailed visitation and parenting schedule just like it creates a child custody order. You can ask the court to take any unique circumstances into account so that the specifics of the parenting time order reflect the best interests of the children.

To get a parenting time order in place, you must ask the court directly for what you believe is best for the children. You must also have evidence to support your request. Our family law attorneys can help.

Need Help From An Emergency Custody Attorney?

If you need an emergency custody change, our attorneys for emergency custody changes can help you work quickly to protect your children. Nevada law has a procedure for emergency and temporary child custody orders. Our team can help you evaluate the situation to determine what’s necessary for the children. We can help you take action immediately.

Get The Right Child Support Amount With Our Las Vegas Child Support Attorneys

In addition to child custody and visitation, another critical part of the puzzle is child support. The court needs to have a complete picture to make the right determination of child support in your case. If there are complex circumstances in your case or if the other parent tries to hide income, our Las Vegas child support attorneys can help you fight for a child support order that’s best for the children given the total financial picture in the case.

Contact our Lawyers for Child Custody in Las Vegas

At Half Price Lawyers, we offer aggressive, skilled, affordable, and compassionate child custody legal services. Whether you’re beginning a child custody case for the first time or you need to change an order that’s already in place, our team of legal professionals is here to help you understand your options, make the best possible choices in your case and fight for the best interests of the children. We offer same-day appointments with no obligation.

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