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If you’re facing drug charges in Las Vegas, our skilled drug defense attorneys can help you fight the charges against you and protect your rights. Drug charges can change your life. You may face a lengthy jail or prison sentence. A drug charge might result in significant fines or even prompt the police to try and seize your home or vehicle. With a drug conviction on your record, it may be impossible to find a job or hold down a driver’s license. But our Las Vegas drug defense attorneys are prepared to fight for you.

Our drug crime attorneys aggressively represent clients who face drug charges.

Being charged with a drug crime does not mean that you’re convicted of a drug crime. However, you must take aggressive steps to fight the charges against you. You must work to develop defenses and rightfully fight against the state’s prosecution of your case.

There’s no case too tough for our drug lawyers to handle including:

  • Drug Trafficking
  • Prescription Fraud
  • Federal Drug Charges
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

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Experienced Las Vegas Drug Defense Lawyers

At Half Price Lawyers, we know that you can’t have drug charges standing in your way. We know that facing a drug charge can be a stressful experience and an inconvenient imposition on your life. Our experienced drug defense lawyers want to help you respond to the allegations and put your life back on track as quickly as possible.

You have rights. If you’re facing drug charges, you have the right to representation of experienced counsel. When we represent you, our attorneys for drug charges in Las Vegas appear on your behalf at every court appearance. We speak on your behalf to ensure that each hearing goes smoothly. When you work with our drug defense lawyers, you’re not alone. How you handle the charges against you can significantly impact the outcome of the case. When you work with our legal team, you know that you’re doing everything that you can to aggressively attack the charges against you.

Hire a Las Vegas Drug Lawyer to Defend You

Police and government are cracking down on both the use and sale of illegal drugs. The authorities are required to respect your constitutional rights as a citizen. Utilizing our in-depth knowledge of drug defense laws and constitutional laws concerning criminal procedure, our experienced drug defense lawyers aim to protect your interests and rights at every turn. Nevada has some of the strictest drug possession and distribution laws in the country, so it’s essential to have a highly experienced lawyer on your side.

Half Price Lawyers has worked with clients with charges for drug possession, intent to sell charges, driving under the influence of drugs (DUID), and a myriad of other drug crimes. You need a drug lawyer that will fight for your rights and protect you from unfair and severe sentences. You also need a lawyer with experience in front of the judges in all of the major courts in the area.

Our affordable drug defense attorneys will work tirelessly to build a strong case for your defense, protect you in court and achieve the best possible resolution for your case. Each of the Las Vegas drug lawyers at Half Price Lawyers has successfully defended hundreds of clients with various types of drug possession and distribution charges.

How a Las Vegas Drug Defense Attorney Can Help With Your Case

A Las Vegas drug defense attorney can help with your case because they know all of the avenues that are available to help you aggressively defend against the charges. Your attorney has the training to know what defense strategies are possible and can help you determine the best course of action. Working with an experienced criminal defense lawyer enables you to explore every possible strategy to prepare the best possible defenses in your case.

Presenting Defenses to Nevada Drug Charges

You may have extremely strong defenses. You may be aware of them and need help to present the defenses effectively to the state’s attorney, the court, and the jury. Even if you have strong defenses, you need to raise them in the right way. For example, if the police violate your constitutional rights, a preliminary motion may result in dismissal of the entire case before trial. However, it’s up to you to assert the motion and explain how the law applies to the case. An experienced Las Vegas drug defense attorney can help.

Identifying Defenses to Nevada Drug Charges

If you’re facing a drug charge in Nevada, you may think that there’s no hope. The police might try to intimidate you and tell you that you have no defenses. What an experienced Nevada attorney for drug charges knows is that many types of defenses may apply in a drug charge. Your attorney conducts their own, independent review of the case for applicable defenses.

Sometimes, the police violate constitutional rights in an attempt to make a quick arrest. Even if the police don’t respect the constitution, the court does. If the police investigate the case in a way that violates your constitutional rights, the court may throw out the evidence against you before the case even goes before a jury. Your attorney may help you raise the issue if the police act in violation of your rights.

Possession is often a critical question in the case of a drug charge. For you to be guilty of possession or even drug trafficking, the police must show that you’re in possession of the drugs. That means more than just showing that you’re with a group and there are illegal substances somewhere nearby. Proving possession means showing that you, personally, are in control of the drugs. Your drug attorneys are prepared to hold the police to the burden of proof for each element of the case, including possession.

Defenses that your attorney may help you develop if you’re facing Nevada drug charges include:

  • Constitutional rights violations
  • Lack of possession
  • Mistaken identity
  • The substance is not the drug the police claim it is
  • The police did not protect the chain of custody of the substance in question
  • Entrapment
  • Someone else planted the drugs
  • Lack of proof of any of the elements of the offense

Your defense attorney is trained and experienced to recognize possible defenses when all hope seems lost. They can analyze the case and develop ways to defend you when you face drug charges.

Mitigating Circumstances and Negotiating a Non-Trial Resolution

One of the ways that your drug charges defense attorney helps you is by handling all aspects of the case to your favor. While your attorney develops defenses in your case, they also work to help you negotiate a non-trial resolution. Your attorney knows how to develop the arguments to encourage the state’s attorney to offer you a fair settlement. While exploring holes in the state’s evidence is one part of the process, your attorney also helps you develop the arguments for why the state should offer you a fair and favorable plea agreement. Your attorney will advise you of what you can do to show the state that you deserve leniency.

Participation in a drug court program may be an option. There may be other diversion programs available to you. Your attorney can help you determine what programs you might qualify for and how to approach the state’s attorney to extend you an offer to participate in a program that reduces or dismisses the charges against you.

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