Our lawyers will help you get a child support arrangement that works for your life.

One of the most difficult challenges for soon-to-be divorced or separated parents is establishing a child support arrangement. Setting up this arrangement can be a potentially messy and painful issue, especially if the parties have conflicting preferences.

Even after a child support arrangement is initially established, you still may need help. Unforeseen changes in your financial circumstances may occur that prevent you from meeting important deadlines. Failure to pay child support can impact your credit history, result in garnishment of wages, loss of your driver’s license and/or passport, and possibly even jail time. In extreme cases, the state may act to seize certain assets or property. Additionally, improvements in a parent’s financial situation may entitle you to additional support that it will be difficult to obtain on your own.

If you are about to begin the process of establishing child support for your family, are struggling to make child support work, or think that changes are required to your current arrangement, you need a lawyer that will help you get through the process easily and affordably. The Half Price Lawyers team can help you design a child support arrangement that works for you or modify your existing arrangement to ensure its fairness.

Our attorneys can provide knowledgeable advice and effective representation for:

  • child support
  • non-payment of child support
  • child support warrants
  • child support modification and other post decree modifications

We can help you explore the various factors in your case that need to be considered when determining child support to ensure that you are paying the appropriate amount. Contact an experienced child support lawyer and schedule your free consultation today!

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