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Child Support

Our lawyers will help you get a child support arrangement that works for your life.

Our child support attorneys in Las Vegas can help you with your child support case whether you’re looking to establish a child support order for the first time, modify an order, or bring or respond to a child support enforcement proceeding. Our lawyers know that child support is more than just math. Getting child support right is critical for all parents. When you need aggressive legal representation, our child support lawyers in Las Vegas are here to help you fight for what you deserve.

Our Lawyers for Child Support in Nevada Can Help

Whether you’re paying child support or you need to collect it for your minor children, you need a child support arrangement that works for your life. Errors in child support can leave you with too little for the children or unable to pay your bills. Parents going through a divorce in Nevada or separated parents must take care to establish accurate child support so that it works for everyone involved. Child support can be a messy and painful issue, even for parents who are trying to be amicable.

Our child support attorneys in Las Vegas can provide knowledgeable advice and effective representation for:

  • Establishing child support
  • Enforcing child support
  • Non-payment of child support
  • Child support warrants
  • Modifying child support or changing child support
  • Child support as part of a divorce decree

How to Calculate Child Support in Nevada

To calculate child support in Nevada, you determine the gross income of the non-custodial parent. You take a percentage of the paying parent’s gross income based on the number of children that the parents have in common. The paying parent pays that amount to the other parent.

Of course, there are a few exceptions. There are minimum support amounts. There are also presumptive maximum amounts for each income level.

The presumptive maximum amount is the amount that’s presumed to be the amount of support that’s necessary for the children. When you work with our child support attorneys in Las Vegas, we can help you understand the Nevada child support formula. When you understand Nevada’s child support laws, you can work towards the best child support award for you and for your children.

Contested Child Support Hearings in Las Vegas

The court can award a different child support amount than the formula. If you provide evidence to the court that the child support formula amount doesn’t meet the need of the child, the court can order a different amount. If you want the court to order child support that’s different than the amount that’s determined by the formula, you must provide the court with the evidence that they need in order to understand the complete situation.

That might mean bringing witnesses to court. It may mean gathering documents and records. Our experienced child support hearing attorneys in Las Vegas can help you discuss your goals and gather the evidence necessary to explain the circumstances to the judge.

Attorneys for Child Support in Joint Custody Cases

If you have joint custody, our attorneys for child support in joint custody cases can help you ensure that you get a fair amount of child support. Nevada courts have the discretion to modify child support awards in joint custody cases. It isn’t exactly clear how much parenting time each parent must have in order to have joint custody. Instead, the judge can decide if a modification of child support is appropriate.

In joint custody cases, you calculate child support as though both parents would pay it. If the amounts are the same, neither parent pays or receives support. If the amounts are different, the parent with the higher number pays the other parent the difference. When you’re in a joint custody situation, it’s important to work with an experienced child support attorney in Nevada to ensure that the child support award in your case is accurate.

Child Support in Special Needs Cases

Our attorneys for child support for special needs cases can help you bring your case if you have a child support case involving a special needs child. A special needs child doesn’t necessarily mean a child with a physical or mental challenge. Rather, a special needs child may be any child who has unique or extraordinary expenses compared to a typical child.

Special needs may include expenses for private school, additional medical expenses, unusual transportation expenses so that both parents may exercise parenting time and more.

The purpose of a child support order is to support the child based on the resources of the parents and the needs of the child. If there are special circumstances in your case, you can ask the court for a special child support order. Our attorneys can help you examine your case to determine if you qualify to ask the court for a special dispensation for your child support case. We can help you build the evidence that you need and determine what to ask for with respect to your child’s unique circumstances.

Changing a Child Support Order in Nevada

Once you have a child support order established in Nevada, it continues until the child reaches the age of majority. If you need to change a child support order, you must ask the court by bringing a formal petition to the court. Even if you lose your job or custody changes, your child support order stays the same until you motion the court for a change in child support. Our child support attorneys in Las Vegas can help you ensure that you are not put in a situation in which you cannot make child support payments.

Failure to pay child support can impact credit history and result in garnishment of wages, loss of your driver’s license and/or passport, and possibly even jail time. To avoid these circumstances, consult with our child support attorneys today to establish a fair and affordable child support arrangement.

How Our Lawyers for Child Support in Las Vegas Can Help

Contact our experienced child support lawyers to schedule your free consultation! We can help you explore the various factors in your case that you need to consider when you establish or modify child support. Our team of child support lawyers can help you fight for justice for you and for your children.

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