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Cost Benefit of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

When you’re facing a DUI charge in Las Vegas, you might wonder if it’s worth it to hire a DUI attorney. There are many reasons to hire an attorney for a DUI charge. Here’s what you should know about the cost-benefits of hiring a Las Vegas DUI lawyer for your drunk driving charge.

The Costs of a Drunk Driving Conviction

You may have heard that a DUI can cost you $10,000. If you plead guilty without contesting the charges, that figure may be accurate. When you’re convicted of drunk driving, you have steep fines to pay.

In Las Vegas, the basic fine alone is typically around $600, but it can be more than $1,000. On top of the fine, you must pay court costs. The court also usually requires you to attend alcohol education and rehabilitation classes at your own expense. Here are just some of the costs associated with a drunk driving conviction in Las Vegas:

Court fines – The court imposes a fine as a penalty for all criminal convictions. The amount of the fine varies based on the severity of the offense.

Court costs – You may pay other court fees that are part of the administrative work of the court.

Alcohol education and rehabilitation courses – Alcohol education classes may include a MADD lecture or a victim impact panel.

Alcohol testing expenses – The court may monitor your alcohol use for a period of time after your conviction. They require you to pay for this monitoring.

Ignition interlock costs – An ignition interlock device prevents you from starting a vehicle when you have a bodily alcohol content. There’s a cost associated with having the device, and you must pay for it.

Insurance increases – Your can expect your insurance company to increase your premium substantially for any drunk driving conviction.

Fees to the Department of Motor Vehicles – The Department of Motor Vehicles may impose a civil fine because of your DUI.

Indirect costs like a lost job – If you’re unable to work because of court dates or jail time, or you lose your job altogether, a DUI can impact your employment and your career.

When you hire a Las Vegas DUI attorney to represent you, you have a chance to eliminate or substantially reduce many of these costs. In the end, what you spend to have the representation of experienced counsel can end up saving you more than the costs of your legal fees.

When You Plead Not Guilty, You Can Negotiate Your Case

Even if you think your back is up against the wall, your attorney has advanced training in DUI defense. They also have experience that can work to your favor to help you spot and pursue viable defenses. When you hire an attorney to represent you in your drunk driving case in Las Vegas, you initially enter a plea of not guilty. A not guilty plea gives your attorney the opportunity to review your case for possible defenses.

If You’re Found Not Guilty, There Are No Legal Penalties

If you take your case to trial and you’re found not guilty, the courts can’t impose any penalty. You don’t have to pay fines or costs. You don’t have alcohol monitoring or court-ordered education, so there are no related expenses. If the insurance company asks, you can honestly say that you have no drunk driving convictions.

If You Plead Guilty, the Costs Are Significantly Reduced

It may be in your best interests to negotiate a plea agreement. If you’re able to negotiate a plea resolution to a lesser offense, your fines, costs and other penalties are greatly reduced. For example, if you’re charged with DUI, but you plead guilty to reckless driving, your fine may be reduced to as low as $250. That’s a significant reduction from the more than $1,000 fine that can come with a DUI.

Also, if you plead guilty to a less-serious offense, the court may not impose the more severe alcohol-monitoring that can follow a DUI. Not having to pay for things like alcohol tests or an ignition interlock device can quickly add up to real money in your pocket.

Your Attorney Can Save You Time

Another way that your attorney can save you money is by saving you time. Your attorney may be able to consolidate your court hearings. They may be able to work with the district attorney directly rather than needing to appear in court formally.

If you have to work, your attorney may be able to schedule your court dates around your work. If your bond conditions interfere with your work, your attorney can respectfully ask the court to amend the order. By being mindful of your time, your attorney can help you prevent some of the indirect costs that are associated with a drunk driving charge.

There Are Many Reasons to Have Legal Representation for Your DUI Charge

In addition to real, potential costs savings associated with a DUI conviction, there are other reasons to work with an experienced team of drunk driving attorneys. Having a drunk driving conviction can impact you for years to come. Working with an attorney can help you explore your defenses and ensure that you leave no stone unturned as you face the challenge of a drunk driving charge.

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We know that it might seem expensive to hire an attorney. We want you to understand how working with a lawyer can be financially beneficial in addition to all of the other ways that we can help you advocate for your best interests.

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