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Property Crimes

Our Las Vegas property crime attorneys aggressively defend you against property crime charges

When you’re facing a property crime charge, you need tough, smart Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys fighting for justice for you. An accusation of a property crime can cost you time, money, and stress. Our attorneys for property crimes in Las Vegas are prepared to help you fight back. It’s our goal to help you address the charges quickly and effectively so that you can return to your life and put the allegations behind you.

Property Crime Attorneys in Las Vegas

Property crimes come in many forms and have various levels of punishment. A property crime conviction can have far-reaching consequences to your daily life and reputation from denial of both employment and professional licenses to jail time and immigration issues or deportation.

Additionally, if violence or bodily harm is a part of the property crimes allegations, the penalty could include serious jail time, hefty fines, and lengthy court supervision upon release. Any property crime conviction coupled with an accusation of violence has a possibility of significant time in jail or prison. In addition, the courts tend to sentence harshly when a property crime involves violence.

If you have been charged with a property crime, the criminal defense attorneys at Half Price Lawyers can help. We offer exceptional legal advice and experienced, aggressive defense representation at reasonable rates. You don’t have to fight your property charges alone. Our Las Vegas criminal attorneys for property crimes are professionals who have the training and experience to help you develop and present an aggressive defense.

We defend people charged with committing the following kinds of property crimes:

  • Arson
  • Breaking and entering
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Petty Larceny, Petit Larceny
  • Grand Larceny
  • Grand Theft Auto, Carjacking, Joyriding
  • Toxic dumping
  • Criminal trespass
  • Vandalism, Intentional Destruction of Property
  • Defacing Public / Private Property, Malicious Mischief
  • Shoplifting
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Fraud
  • Robbery, Pick Pocketing

Defenses to Property Crimes in Nevada

If you’ve been accused of a property crime, you’ve been accused of taking, damaging or otherwise compromising someone else’s property. There are many ways for property crimes to arise out of false accusations. There might be misunderstandings of ownership or confusion in intent. Sometimes, the wrong person is accused. If you’ve been charged with any kind of property crime, we can help you fight the charges.

Here are some of the defenses that you may assert to your property crime charges:

  • Lack of intent – You didn’t mean to steal the item; you forgot to pay or accidentally ended up with the item in some other way.
    No taking – You didn’t take the item, and you’re falsely accused.
  • Gift – Larceny is a specific intent crime. To steal, you must mean to deprive another person of their property purposefully. If someone gives you the item as a gift, you didn’t steal it. Gifting is a valid defense to larceny.
  • Permission – All theft charges require the intent to deprive the rightful owner of the property. If you use the item with the approval of the owner or even if you think you have the permission of the owner, you may have a valid defense to the charges.
  • Accident – Just like gifting is a valid defense to theft; an accident is a valid defense to the destruction of property. If the destruction of property is an accident, you haven’t committed a civil offense.
  • Mistaken identity – It’s an unfortunate truth that sometimes the police accuse the wrong person of the crime. There are times when the police are hasty, and they want to make an arrest without making sure that they have the right person. It’s the state’s job to prove the truth of the charges. If they’re unable to prove the identity of the offender, you may be found not guilty of the charges.
  • The item is paid for – Sometimes, people get accused of stealing when they actually pay for the item. If you can show that you paid for the item, you have a valid defense to shoplifting or theft.
  • False accusations – Someone might falsely accuse you of a crime. They might be holding a grudge or trying to confuse the police investigation. False accusations can be a defense to larceny.

Larceny and Theft Attorneys in Las Vegas

Larceny crimes in Nevada are organized by the amount of money involved. Larceny of amounts of $250 or less is called petit larceny. If more substantial amounts of money are involved, the charge may be grand larceny with higher maximum penalties.

If you face a larceny charge in Las Vegas, you face jail time, fines, and restitution. Restitution is a significant component of any larceny charge. Nevada Revised Statute 205.0832 defines theft as the unlawful control of someone else’s property with the intent to deprive them of the property.

Burglary Attorneys in Las Vegas

Nevada law defines burglary as entry into a building with the intent to commit larceny, assault, and battery or a felony. Burglary doesn’t require breaking and entering. It’s enough that you enter into a building with the intent to commit a prohibited act. Nevada’s burglary law is Nevada Revised Statutes 205.060.

Las Vegas Robbery Attorneys

Robbery in Nevada means taking personal property by force in the presence of another person. In other words, robbery is taking something from a person by using force or the threat of force. It’s different than larceny or burglary which doesn’t require the offender to commit the crime in the presence of the victim or use force. Nevada’s robbery law is Nevada Revised Statute 200.380. Robbery is a serious offense with harsh penalties. If you face a robbery charge, swift attention to the charges is critical to mount a strong defense.

Larceny Stay of Adjudication/Deferral/ Deferred Adjudication

If you face larceny, theft or shoplifting charges, there are a number of ways to go about defending your case. You have the right to try the charges against you before a judge or jury. There may be other avenues to help you get a successful outcome in the case.

Many people who face larceny, theft, and shoplifting charges are first-time offenders. Many people are otherwise contributors to society who deserve a break. Nevada courts have deferral programs that may help you avoid a criminal conviction without having to try your case. For qualifying people, you may be able to complete a diversion program that ultimately results in dismissal of the charges against you. Your attorneys can help you determine if you qualify for a diversion program and help you make the case to the state’s attorney that you deserve to participate.

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If you’re facing a property crime charge, time is of the essence. You owe it to yourself to vigorously defend against charges of theft, larceny, burglary and other property crimes in the best way possible. Every court appearance matters. It’s essential to begin investigating and building your defenses as soon as possible.

How Our Criminal Defense Attorneys in Las Vegas Can Help You

At Half Price Lawyers, we’re aggressive property crime defense attorneys. We’re here to help good people address their property crime charges and get back to their lives as soon as possible. We know that you need tough criminal defense professionals to help you resolve the charges against you.

When we work with you, we handle everything. When you need to make bail, we help you argue to the court for a reasonable amount of bond. Our team can help you investigate, gather evidence, negotiate a dismissal or non-trial resolution, and aggressively present the case to the jury. We work with you to ensure that you get the defense that you need and deserve when you’re facing a property charge in Las Vegas.

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