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Name Change

Get your name changed faster with an expert lawyer on your side!

Getting your name changed should be an efficient process, free from headaches. Whether you need a name changed because of family issues (marriage, divorce, and/or adoption), or for more complex concerns, such as religious reasons, there are numerous hurdles you might encounter along the way. It is important to make you have everything in place from the beginning to avoid complications.

Whatever your reasons for requiring a name change, our attorneys can get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.

We can successfully guide you through every step in the process so it is efficient and fast. Our lawyers have successfully helped clients obtain new:

  • Driver’s licenses (personal and commercial)
  • Professional licenses
  • Social Security cards
  • Passports
  • Amended birth certificates

We have also worked closely with the parents of minors (anyone under the age of 18) who require a name change. If a minor requests a name change, both parents must jointly petition. Since any disagreement on behalf of either parent must be reviewed personally by a judge, an affordable name change lawyer is essential to getting the job done.

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding name changes

How much does it cost to change your name?

Changing your name in Nevada is not a costly procedure. Costs can be broken down into four categories:

  • Attorney fees – Contact us for a quote.
  • Filing fees – Filing fees are $270 and payable directly to the court.
  • Publication Fees – Nevada law requires that all name changes be published in a newspaper of general circulation for three weeks. The publication fees are dependent on newspaper fees.
  • Document Changes – These are variable depending on how many different document you need to change. Some changes just require a certified copy of your name change court order while others require the court order plus a fee.

How long does it take to change your name?

For adults, the procedure for changing your name in Nevada can be completed in less than 2 months since hearings are usually not required. After filing the paperwork, there is a 3 week wait while your name change petition is published in a newspaper of general circulation. You can have your name change approved in as few as 10 days after the proof of publication is submitted.

For minors, the process is usually more complicated and time consuming. After the paperwork is filed and the three week publication window is finished, you’ll need to wait 10 days to apply for a hearing date. Your hearing date will be dependent on the court’s caseload and this is why having a lawyer can help ensure your name change petition stays on track.

How do I change my name on my passport?

Changing the name on your passport is easy. As long as your passport has been issued for at least 12 months, you can apply for a new passport with your new name by mail. You’ll submit an application for a passport renewal and include a court order indicating your name change.

How do I change my name on my social security card?

Changing your name on your social security card is one of the first things you will do after getting your court order of name change. You’ll need to visit a local Social Security office to file your SS-5 Application for Social Security Card.

You’ll need to bring along a certified copy of your name change court order and you’ll need to bring along current identification like your driver’s license or passport. The procedure is straightforward and within 10 days you should receive a social security card with your new name in the mail.

How do I change my name on my birth certificate?

Changing your name on your birth certificate is more complicated. If you were born in Nevada, you will contact the Nevada Office of Vital Statistics. You will fill out a special form asking for your birth certificate to be amended.

The reason for the birth certificate amendment will depend on the reason you changed your name. The Office of Vital Statistics charges $40 for birth certificate changes.

If you were born outside of Nevada, you will need to contact the state office of vital statistics in the state you were born in for information on changing the name on your birth certificate.

What steps should I take after a name change?

First off, you’ll need to get several certified copies of the name change court order. Every office you visit will want to see a certified copy of the name change court order so make sure you have enough copies. One of your first stops will be to change the name on your social security card. Next, you will need to change the name on your driver’s license. Finally, you can change your name on your passport, birth certificate, and any other records. This includes visiting your bank to change the name on your bank account and changing any school records to reflect your new name.

Do I need a lawyer to change my name?

In Nevada, a lawyer isn’t needed to file the paperwork for a routine change of name for adults, but it is a good idea to get a lawyer. It’s very important that the forms are properly filled out and proper filing procedures are followed. Using a lawyer gives you peace of mind.

If you are filing a name change petition for a minor, then it’s imperative to get a lawyer. If one parent is contesting the petition, then having a lawyer ensures that legal rights are protected. Moreover, having a lawyer ensures that you have proper representation for any required hearings.

How are name changes approved?

For adults, name changes are usually approved without a hearing as long as there are no objections. The 10 day waiting period after publication gives time for those who object to the name change to submit their objections to the court. In practice, name changes for adults rarely receive objections so courts will usually approve without a hearing.

For minors, approval of name changes will occur after a hearing. This is usually to ascertain that both parents and the minor child are in agreement about the name change. If one of the parents objects to the name change, the hearing allows the judge to determine whether or not the name change is approved. It’s important to have legal representative when attending a hearing to ensure your legal rights are protected.

What should I expect when changing my name?

You can expect that the name change legal process will be relatively quick and painless. After your name change petition is approved, you should expect that you will need to deal with multiple government agencies over the course of a few weeks to change over your documents to your new name. The process should be relatively easy, but it will require patience. After everything has been changed over, you can expect things to be as they are now, except you will have a new name of your own choosing.

What are some common name change mistakes?

There are several common name change mistakes. One common mistake is a misspelling on the name change petition. Any misspelling could result in petition denial. Another common mistake is putting a wrong social number on the form. Not signing or notarizing the form is another big mistake.

There are also mistakes that can happen after the petition is filed. One example is failing to publish the name change in a general circulation newspaper. This will result in a name change petition denial. Missing a hearing is also a reason to get your name change petition denied. Having a lawyer file your paperwork ensures that these mistakes are avoided.

Can I change my name more than once?

There is no limit to how many times you may change your name. For minors, the judge at the hearing may question why multiple name changes have been made. Since the judge has a right to approve or deny name change petitions, this might be an issue if excessive name change petitions have been filed.

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