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Las Vegas Same-Sex Divorce Attorneys

Our Las Vegas same-sex divorce attorneys can help you pursue justice in your divorce case. With our attorneys for same-sex divorce in Las Vegas on your side, you have a team of experienced professionals helping you fight for the best result and fair treatment under the law. We also work to help you resolve your case in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner. We know that any divorce is a stressful proceeding. Let Half Price Lawyers fight for justice on your behalf.

Same-Sex Divorce in Nevada

A same-sex divorce in Nevada settles matters of child custody, spousal support, and division of property. Either spouse may file for divorce. As a party to the case, you must gather the evidence to prove to the court what property exists in the marital estate.

It’s up to you to provide the court with the arguments for the division of property, custody orders, and parenting time arrangements in your case. Our same-sex divorce attorneys in Las Vegas help you with every aspect of your case until you reach the right result.

How Our Las Vegas Same-Sex Divorce Attorneys Can Help

If you’re considering a divorce in Nevada, our Las Vegas same-sex divorce attorneys can help you with every stage of the process. Here are some of the ways that our attorneys assist you in your divorce case:

  • Understanding your options
  • Knowing the possible and probable outcomes under Nevada law
  • Skillfully drafting your complaint for dissolution
  • Following court procedures to file your case and formally serve the other party
  • Evidence gathering including discovery and valuation of assets
  • Presentation of evidence and legal arguments to the court
  • Settlement negotiations; informed counsel on how to proceed with a case
  • Drafting of final settlement documents
  • Enforcement of divorce judgment including property and child custody provisions

Whatever issues may be present in your case, our legal team can help you fight for your best interests and the best interests of your children. We’re prepared to identify the issues that may impact your claim and manage those issues effectively. With our legal team, you know that your case is in good hands. You know that you have a legal team that’s trained and experienced in handling the unique issues that may arise in a same-sex divorce case.

Is Same-Sex Divorce Legal in Nevada?

Yes, same-sex divorce is legal in Nevada. Just as everyone has the right to marry in Nevada, everyone also has the right to get a divorce. Divorce law is the same for all genders in the State of Nevada.

Children in a Same-Sex Divorce in Nevada

Because same-sex divorce is relatively new in the United States, your case may present new issues to the local court. The court may look to you to make legal arguments about how the court should decide issues of child custody, parenting time, spousal support, and property division. You should be prepared to research existing laws and case authority to argue for the correct result under the law.

One of the ways that an experienced attorney can help you is by using their legal expertise to help the court understand the nuances of same-sex divorce. When the court is going to rely on legal research and carefully drafted legal arguments, your attorney needs the legal training to make compelling arguments to the court. Same-sex divorce is an emerging area of law. Your attorney for same-sex divorce can help you handle the intricacies and details that can make the difference in getting a fair outcome in your case.

Challenges in Nevada Same-Sex Divorce

In a same-sex divorce, it’s common for the parties to have a long-term relationship before they enter into a marriage agreement. The existence of a previous relationship before the marriage can somewhat complicate the issues in divorce. Some judges see a long-term relationship followed by a short-term marriage as just that — a short term marriage. They believe that the circumstances surrounding the division of communal property should consider what happened only during the period in which the parties knowingly entered into a legally binding relationship.

Other judges see the situation as more complex. They believe that when a long-term relationship precedes a short-term marriage, the court should consider the contributions of the parties before the marriage took place. It’s critical to address the unique facts in your case so that the court considers the correct issues and makes a just and favorable ruling in your case.

Child Custody in Same-Sex Divorce in Nevada

One issue that is still questionable in same-sex divorce cases is determining child custody. Typically, when a parent has a child in a same-sex relationship, the other spouse adopts the child. Alternatively, the parties may exercise a co-parenting agreement to establish parental rights and obligations. If there is a legal adoption or a valid co-parenting agreement, both parents have the right to custody of the child. In addition, both parents have the obligation to provide financial support for the child. Each parent must argue that the best interests of the child favor their proposed child custody order.

What happens when the same-sex spouse hasn’t adopted the biological child? The answer is less clear. In the case of a biological parent, they are presumed to be the legal parent of the child. When same-sex couples divorce, the court may need to review Nevada law and legal precedent as it pertains to existing Nevada parental rights laws and constitutionally-mandated equal rights for all divorcing couples. Our Nevada same-sex divorce attorneys are here to fight for your rights.

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