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How Much Will My Las Vegas Divorce Cost?

How much does it cost to get divorced in Nevada? How much does it cost to get divorced in Nevada if I use a lawyer? Can I afford a divorce lawyer in Las Vegas?

These are just some of the questions that you might have if you’re contemplating a divorce in Las Vegas or anywhere in Nevada.

Of course, the cost of a divorce in Nevada depends on how long the case takes and how complicated it is. No two cases are alike. Even though you never know for sure until you go through the process, some things can give you an indication of how much it’s going to cost to complete your Nevada divorce.

The Basics: Fees in All Cases

Whether you work with an attorney or not, there are costs that you have to pay when you get divorced. A petition for divorce generally costs between $300 and $400. You may also pay a fee when you finalize your decree of divorce or judgment of divorce. The court may charge you for copies.

There are other costs that all parties have in the divorce process. You may need to notarize documents, and the notary may charge you a fee. You may also have costs associated with mailing documents to the other party, printing and things like that.

Legal Fees in Nevada Divorce Cases

What you pay in legal fees depends on what your lawyer charges and how long they spend on your case. In divorce cases, most attorneys charge by the hour. The longer your case takes, the more it might cost. Our lawyers are sensitive to costs and keep their fees as low as possible so that everyone in the community can have access to legal services.

How long your case takes depends on its complexity. A simple divorce can be as easy as drafting a judgment of divorce, filing it and asking the court to approve it. Your attorneys can help you work efficiently and avoid errors that might increase your costs. If you have a straightforward case and both parties can agree on how to divide assets and debts, you may be surprised to learn that quality legal representation is actually quite affordable.

The more complicated the issues are in your case, the longer you can expect your case to take. Typically, the most complicated problem in any divorce is custody and parenting time. In addition to time spent building the evidence and trying the case, you may incur expenses associated with gathering evidence for a custody trial.

Property issues can also add to the cost of a divorce. If you have financial accounts to divide like a 401k or a pension or if you have a family business, you can expect increased costs to value and distribute these assets. If one party tries to hide details about the family finances, you may have costs associated with discovering the truth about the marital estate.

In some cases, a spouse may not have realistic expectations about the likely outcome of their divorce. That can make litigation more expensive. Some litigants want to make the divorce process needlessly long and stressful as a way of manipulating and controlling their spouse for one last time. If any of these factors are present in your case, your divorce might take longer and cost more.

A complete divorce package with an attorney can cost as little as $2,000. If there are complex issues in the case, a divorce can cost more than $10,000. Most divorces fall somewhere in between. Divorces with children tend to cost more than divorces without children. Divorces with large amounts of assets or debts are also more expensive than divorces with few financial issues. Our team of Las Vegas divorce attorneys can give you a realistic idea of the potential costs in your case.

Is It Worth the Cost?

You might read all of this and think that your best bet is to try and resolve your case as quickly as possible even if your spouse isn’t being reasonable. That’s typically not a good plan. Your divorce judgment stays in effect for the rest of your life. You can make changes, but it’s impossible to have a complete do-over if you have regrets.

The divorce decree and any custody determinations in your divorce judgment also have a profound impact on your minor children for years to come. You may not know what’s in store for you or your children one, two or 10 years from now. It’s important to assert your rights and ensure that your decree of divorce fairly represents your interests under Nevada law.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Having an attorney can actually help you save costs in your divorce. One of the reasons that you hire your lawyer is for their judgment. They’ve been there hundreds of times before. They can give you an indication of how the law applies to your case and what the judge might do if you take your case to trial. They know how to harness the legal system to build a compelling case efficiently. The secret is knowing when it’s best to fight, and when it’s in your best interests to agree. Your attorney is your most valuable weapon to help you make strategic decisions in your case.

The Courts Award Attorney Fees in Some Cases

In some cases, the court may order one party to pay the attorney fees of the other party. Typically, the courts order attorney fee payments in cases where one party makes a lot more than the other party. The courts want both parties to have the opportunity to have the assistance of counsel in their divorce. They don’t want either party to have an unfair advantage.

For example, if one party makes $30,000 and the other party makes $150,000, there’s a good chance that the court will agree with a request for attorney fees. On the other hand, if one party makes $65,000 and the other party makes $70,000, the court is unlikely to approve an attorney fee request. If you qualify, we can help you make the appropriate request for attorney fees.

Ask Us About Our Fees

Are you contemplating divorce? Are you worried about your legal fees? Our team of experienced family law attorneys takes pride in offering efficient and affordable legal services.

Because a divorce proceeding is so consequential for the parties involved, it’s essential to have experienced and dedicated counsel helping you navigate the divorce process. We’re here to help. Contact us today for an estimation of costs in your case. We’ll help you understand the possible expenses in your case and how we charge for services.

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