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Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana

True compliance with the law can only really be accomplished by working with a licensed attorney.

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Medical Marijuana has been legal in the State of Nevada since 2000, but until recently, the law required licensed participants in the program to “grow their own” plants.  This process is time-consuming and difficult, and despite the wide-availability of the program, just over 5,000 individuals are currently licensed state-wide.

In 2020, the recreational consumption of marijuana became legal within specific boundaries. However, there were also allowances made for the commercial sale of marijuana and the licensing of marjiuana establishments, including:

  • Dispensaries
  • Cultivation (Grow)
  • Edible and other Marijuana-infused products
  • Independent testing laboratories

The commercial availability of medical marijuana state-wide means better quality, better quality control and no more having to treat your legitimate medical marijuana needs like illicit drug sales.  But to participate in these programs, you must follow the rules.

Even though recreational use is legal, violations of recreational or medical use laws can be severe – and conviction for drug crimes can mean lifetime penalties and restrictions. Don’t take chances with strip mall “doctors” or unlicensed “consultants” – true compliance with the law can only really be accomplished by working with a licensed attorney.

At Half Price Lawyers, we have dedicated attorneys to help with both personal and business licensure, and each at the guaranteed lowest prices.

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