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Probate is the legal process used to wrap up the estate of a person who has died. The process involves the collection, inventory and appraisal of assets; handling of will contests and estate disputes; filing and payment of estate taxes, payment and collection of debts; and the distribution of remaining estate assets to rightful beneficiaries.

In Nevada, the size of the estate will determine whether the probate process is relatively straightforward or extremely complex. For smaller estates, an affidavit of entitlement, small estate set aside and summary administration are cost-effective and faster alternatives to general administration. The majority of estates valued over $200,000, however, will be required to go through general probate administration.

If you find yourself facing the probate process, you do not have to go it alone. Our experienced probate attorneys can help you navigate all of the necessary paperwork and court appearances, and for a fraction of what most local probate attorneys charge. You will not get a second chance to resolve these issues, so it’s important to get them right the first time – and ensure that the wishes of your deceased loved ones are faithfully carried out. There are numerous important deadlines in these cases, so don’t hesitate – call and schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION TODAY!

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