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If you’re considering bankruptcy, you’re probably wondering about the benefits of bankruptcy. You might know that bankruptcy can erase some debts, but you may not know all of the specifics. There are many financial and personal benefits to going through bankruptcy proceedings. Here are the benefits of filing for bankruptcy:

Filing for Bankruptcy

The benefits of filing for bankruptcy include erasing dischargeable debts, stopping calls from creditors and getting a fresh start. You can even get current on your mortgage. Bankruptcy can help you if you’re overwhelmed with debt. Bankruptcy can help you restructure your finances, remove debt that’s standing in your way and get a fresh start.

Is It Worth Filing for Bankruptcy?

The best way to determine if it’s worth filing for bankruptcy is to meet with our team of Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyers to discuss your case. Whether it’s worth it to file for bankruptcy depends on your individual circumstance. If you have a large amount of debt that you can erase through bankruptcy, there’s a good chance that it makes sense for you. Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers can give you an individual consultation and answer your questions to determine your options and see if filing for bankruptcy is right for you.

Peace of Mind with Half Price Lawyers

Having a Half Price Lawyers bankruptcy attorney guide you through the bankruptcy process can give you peace of mind without the high legal fees. Here are just some of the benefits of filing for bankruptcy:

  • Stop creditor phone calls in their tracks
  • Never receive another collection letter from a creditor
  • Put an end to wage garnishment
  • Terminate credit cards and never pay them back
  • Get rid of medical bills that you never asked for
  • Stop repossession of your car
  • Bring your mortgage up to date and save your home
  • Keep property that’s the most important to you

Stop Creditor Harassment

The moment you file for bankruptcy, the only way a creditor can legally contact you is through your bankruptcy attorney. They are not allowed to contact you personally. However, this is not the case if you decide to represent yourself. The best way to put an end to the harassment is to speak with one of our lawyers immediately. In most cases, our friendly payment plans are $0 down.

Get a Fresh Start

Petition to File For Bankruptcy

When you have debts that are unsecured like credit cards and medical bills, you can erase these debts in bankruptcy if you qualify. If you’re overwhelmed with debt, bankruptcy is the only way to completely stop debt collectors and wipe your debts clean. Good people end up in tough financial situations and it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve another chance. The benefit of filing for bankruptcy is that it can be the fresh start you need.

Keep Your Property

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to structure your bankruptcy in a way that allows you to keep your home and your personal property. Some states have generous exemptions in bankruptcy laws for your home and private property. Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily mean giving up family heirlooms or losing your household goods.

In fact, for most people, you can benefit from bankruptcy by discharging overwhelming debts while keeping what matters to you the most. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help you take advantage of the benefits of filing for bankruptcy to ensure that you can keep the things that are the most important to you.

Regain Control of Your Financial Future

Overwhelming debt can be stressful. High amounts of debt can put a strain on your finances, job searches and relationships. If you pay child support, it can be impossible to meet your obligations and make even the minimum payments on your debts. You can feel like you can never get ahead. Filing for bankruptcy can mean getting out from under all of your debt. You can regain control of your financial future. You can renew your dreams to own a home or even take your family on vacation.

The Benefits of Working With Our Bankruptcy Lawyers

At Half Price Lawyers, we believe in providing outstanding legal services without a high price tag. We make sure that you take full advantage of bankruptcy laws to make the situation works to your benefit. Here are some of the advantages of working with our bankruptcy legal team:

  • $0 Down in most cases – Get started right away for a low price!
  • Zero stress – we handle everything!
  • Constant communication by phone, email and text
  • Answers to all of your questions
  • Attorney-client privilege
  • Instant debt relief
  • Experienced, professional advocates on your side

Is Bankruptcy Right for Me?

Our bankruptcy attorneys want to meet with you so we can learn about you and your financial situation. Our consultation is always confidential. We can talk about bankruptcy laws and how they apply to your individual case. You can learn about the benefits of filing for bankruptcy and how bankruptcy may help you achieve your goals. Learn what sets Half Price Lawyers apart. Contact us today to connect right away with a member of our team.

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