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Get a Fresh Start

Dealing with overwhelming debt can cause severe stress when it comes to finances, job searches, and relationships. Our bankruptcy lawyers understand the importance of helping you through these tough times to get a fresh start. There are many benefits to filing for bankruptcy, including getting out from under all your debt and regaining control of your financial future. For many families, Bankruptcy means a renewed opportunity to own a home one day or even to maybe take a much needed vacation.

Take Care of Debt

The biggest benefit of filing for bankruptcy is clearing your name of debt and starting over with a clean slate. While some debt cannot be eliminated by bankruptcy, such as child support or alimony payments, other major debts such as home mortgages, car payments, credit cards, payday or cash advance loans and medical debt can be eliminated.

Stop Creditors in Their Tracks

The moment you file for bankruptcy, the only way a creditor can legally contact you is through your bankruptcy attorney. They are not allowed to contact you personally. However, this is not the case if you decide to represent yourself. The best way to put an end to the harassment is to speak with one of our lawyers immediately. In most cases, our friendly payment plans only require $100.00 down. This means the harassment from creditors can be stopped with only $100.00 to start.

Keep Your Property

Filing for bankruptcy can protect your property from creditors.

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