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Get a fresh start and get rid of debt with personal bankruptcy.

When times are tough and finances are tight, we know it can be difficult for hard working people to make ends meet. We understand the stress of feeling trapped under a pile of bad debt and the anxiety of dealing with your creditors. Filling for personal bankruptcy could be just what you need to feel relief from your debts and to obtain a fresh start.

Half Price Lawyers will make the bankruptcy process easy for you from start to finish. Our consumer bankruptcy attorneys are not only affordable, but are some of the most experienced bankruptcy lawyers in Las Vegas. We handle all the complicated paperwork and we go to court with you.

Your financial problems may feel overwhelming, but our experienced bankruptcy lawyers help people with similar financial problems every day.what we do. No matter what you’re financial situation may be, the Half Price Lawyers‘ low price guarantee and a free legal consultation will give you peace of mind when your finances are concerning you.

When Should I File for Personal Bankruptcy?

If you are unable to pay your debts and creditors are knocking down your door, it is probably time to consider filing for consumer bankruptcy protection.

We understand the decision to file for bankruptcy is a big decision, but it can be much easier when you meet with an experienced attorney at your free consultation to discuss your assets, your income, and your debts and evaluate your overall financial situation.

Depending on the facts of your particular situation, our experienced bankruptcy lawyers will help you to decide if bankruptcy is right for you and whether a  Chapter 7 bankruptcy is most appropriate to resolve your financial problems.

Financial help is only one call away. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy or simply wish to know your legal rights, please call our office at 702-400-0000 to schedule your free  consultation.