Las Vegas Short Sales

The recent recession hit Las Vegas harder than almost any other community in the country and our housing market took the biggest hit(s) of all. At one point, over 70% of the homes in the Las Vegas valley were underwater, and speculation ran rampant about bank inventories, bottomless price spirals and potential escape opportunities. Since that time, law offices, real estate brokers and even unlicensed consultants have sought out families in these difficult circumstances – promising quick solutions and low-cost ways to stay in their home.

As the city’s largest supplier of discount legal services, we know there are no shortcuts available to help with mortgage problems. There are no “new laws” which will make your short sale easier, faster or less expensive. There is a full-service firm that can offer help with every option available to distressed homeowners – including mortgage restructuring, mortgage refinancing, bankruptcy and short sale – and you probably already know our number. Our short sale services include:

  • Ensuring you are not responsible for any deficiency (between home value and sale price);
  • Negotiating the best possible tax treatment;
  • Determining eligibility for sale-lease back programs; and
  • Referring clients to reliable, local brokers who specialize in short sales.

Don’t settle for help that needs you to choose to short sell your home when other options may make more sense. The decision to short sell your home is an important one. Don’t let someone else make that decision for you – work with a team that can help you with all of your options.

We have successfully assisted in the negotiated hundreds of real estate transactions, both large and small, and we afford each the same attention to detail necessary to ensure it’s done and done right.

During your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, you will sit with a licensed attorney who will review your situation and help you determine if a short sale is your best option. If so, we can refer you to a number of reputable real estate brokers and we will work right alongside them to make your short sale as quick and painless as possible.

Don’t stay underwater another day – make your appointment TODAY!

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Our Las Vegas offices are centrally located downtown at:

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With easy access to major freeways and relevant courts, it’s easy to get the affordable legal representation you need. You can find our location and get directions to come to meet with our attorneys in the map below: