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Be Careful When Hiring a Credit Repair Company

Why do I need to be careful when hiring a credit repair company?

The credit repair industry is vastly misunderstood. Many people (including attorneys) realize that most people don’t understand how the process works, and as a result, have decided to take advantage of those people who need help. Often times when hiring a credit repair company to help, you are hiring someone who is not an attorney, and therefore, not held responsible by a higher authority (such as a Bar Association) should they not deliver what was promised. This makes it much easier for them to lie to you, the consumer, and not do what they agreed to do.

As a result, you need to be careful when hiring a credit repair specialist. Half Price Lawyers has made sure to set them apart from the rest of the field so that our clients can feel safe and obtain the results they need. Here are a few things that set Half Price Lawyers apart from other credit repair companies:

  1. We are a law firm and do report directly to the Nevada Bar Association. You don’t need to worry about the lack of a higher authority watching over our actions.
  2. Half Price Lawyers has a money back guarantee. While we do not that it can take (in some cases) up to six (6) months to have your credit repaired to your satisfaction, if we can’t accomplish our goal, 80% of your money will be returned.
  3. In many cases, clients start seeing results as early as forty five (45) days. While this isn’t the case every time, we strive to ensure that clients’ scores are on the rises as quickly as possible.
  4. We are here to answer your questions. At Half Price Lawyers, we are simply attempting to deliver aid to those who need it at an affordable price. If you have a question, please ask! We don’t want anything to be a mystery between us and our clients.

What are some of the most common “big-ticket” purchases people mismanage to end up getting bad credit?

Similar to before, these items include credit cards with high spending limits and loans. More specifically, loans for cars and houses are those that hurt people the most. Car and house loans are normally given for large sums of money, so when something goes wrong, the damage is multiplied. You should always be sure that you can afford the payments that are set out in front of you before taking out a loan for a car or house. It requires you to look into the future and ensure that you are safe from a monetary perspective, before signing on the dotted line.

Consequently, when a mortgage or car loan goes south, people can be hurt badly. Not only does defaulting on these types of loans kill your credit score, the bank or lender can take away your car and house as collateral relatively quickly, leaving you without transportation and/or a place to call home.

If you need help with credit repair, our specialists are experienced and knowledgeable. Call (702) 400-000 for more information.