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Deadly DUI Crash Involving Former Las Vegas Mayor’s Grandson

Scott Gragson’s blood test showed a blood alcohol level of .147 at the time of his first blood test. He’d been traveling at a high speed in an area that only had a 25 mph speed limit when the crash occurred, according to Las Vegas Metro reports. Gragson’s 2015 Range Rover SVR went over the curve of the roadway, hit several trees, and ejected all four passengers that were in the car.

One of the passenger’s, a 36-year-old, became “grossly dismembered” and then died after hitting a tree, as per the report. The other three passengers were taken to UMC Trauma with serious injuries. According to Las Vegas DUI lawyers, it will be hard for Gragson to defend against the charges due to the circumstances surrounding the DUI.

What Does the DUI Report Say?

The report shares that Gragson accelerated his Range Rover from a security gate at the Ridges Community in Summerlin after a verbally aggressive interaction with a security officer. The argument had escalated after the security guard denied clearance for Gragson’s guests due to them not checking in, as per the Ridge’s community guidelines.

The security guard mentioned that she could smell alcohol on Gragson’s breath during this encounter. And after the crash, Gragson admitted to officers that he’d started drinking at 9 a.m. that day, consuming four or five mixed drinks as well as beer. He voluntarily submitted to the field sobriety tests and failed. Scott Gragson is 53 years old.

What Repercussions Is the Driver Facing?

Gragson is now being sued by one of his passengers; as well, he is facing charges of DUI resulting in death, two counts of DUI resulting in significant bodily harm, and three counts of reckless driving resulting in death or significant bodily harm.

The lawsuit is being filed by 50-year-old Christopher Bentley.

Bentley, Gragson, and the other passengers had been attending an event at a golf course before the fatal crash. The alcohol had been available “at numerous locations across the Bear’s Best golf course” as per the lawsuit. It was being served in the clubhouse, the restaurant, kiosks, and at each of the holes on the golf course.

A History of Driving Infractions

This is not Scott Gragson’s first DUI. Sources in the legal system with access to records claim that he had been charged with DUI in 2001 when he had pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of misdemeanor reckless driving. At the time, he was sentenced to DUI school, a victim impact panel, and had to pay $560 in fines.

As well, court sources show that Gragson had additional traffic offenses in 2001, 2011, 2012, and 2016, including for speeding. All of these were reduced to traffic tickets.

Scott Gragson is out of jail on a $250,000 bail bond. His conditions include surrendering his passport as well as alcohol monitoring. A preliminary hearing has been set for October 28th.

Scott Gragson is a businessman – the executive vice president of the Las Vegas Land Division with Colliers International, the third largest commercial real estate firm in the world. He is the father to NASCAR driver Noah Gragson. He is also the grandson of a former Las Vegas Mayor, Oran Gragson, who served as mayor from 1959-1974.

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