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EDC 2018 Report: Arrests and Charges

The three-day festival of DJs, dancing, and drugs has come to an end. Lucky for this year’s participants, the Las Vegas heat was not as brutal as in years past resulting in less dehydration-related incidents and hospitalizations. The number of tickets issued is also down, meaning less EDC attendees will need the help of a Las Vegas traffic ticket attorney after a weekend of fun.

How Many EDC 2018 Attendees Were There?

Each day, approximately 135K – 138K people attended the Electric Daisy Carnival to listen to music, socialize, and, in some cases, partake in illegal activities (typically involving drug-induced altered states of consciousness.)

The EDC event is used by many as an escape from the hum-drum monotony of their every-day lives—a distraction from the over-due bills to pay, the nagging parents/boss, and all other, hateful, inevitable, lurking responsibilities. As well, the reported sentiment of many of this year’s party-goers was that the entire world is falling apart, and the only anecdote for the madness is music.

What is EDC For?

Electric Daisy Carnival provides a retreat from a harsh reality into a colorful world filled with hedonistic pleasures. This includes things such as scantily clad young women, beautiful designer DJs from all over the world, endless music and dancing, over-priced food and drinks, and a seemingly endless supply of marijuana, alcohol, LSD, MDMA and other party substances.

How Many People Were Arrested or Issued Traffic Tickets?

This year’s daily arrests follow, as reported by Metro Police. Reasons for the incongruencies in the types of arrests reported (or not) are unknown:

Day One (between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.)

  • 33 Arrests
  • 29 Narcotics-Related Felonies
  • 4 Misdemeanor Arrests
  • 0 DUI Crashes and Traffic Fatalities Reported

Note: These numbers are down drastically from last year. It looks like the party-goers wised up.

Day Two (between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.)

  • 35 Arrests
  • 33 Narcotics-Related Felonies
  • 2 Misdemeanor Arrests
  • 0 DUI Crashes and Traffic Fatalities Reported

A total of 65 EDC attendees were removed from the festival grounds on Saturday, the second day of the event.

Day Three (between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.)

  • 28 Felony Arrests
  • 166 attendees removed from the event