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Ex-NFL Player Charged in Death of 5-Year-Old

Cierre Wood is being charged with the murder of a 5-year-old girl – his girlfriend’s daughter. The former NFL running back allegedly forced the little girl to perform exercises as punishment. The exercises included sit-ups and running laps in an apartment home. Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys say that this crime is especially disturbing due to the involvement of a child.

The Metropolitan Police Department arrest report says, “Wood stated that he was trying to help [La’Rayah] get on the right path due to her being ‘chunky’.”

What Are the Details of This Tragic Crime?

On April 9th of this year, when little La’Rayah refused to learn her alphabet and numbers, Wood began the punishment. At that point, La’Rayah fell backward in the apartment and hit her head on the carpet, during one of the sets of sit-ups. She was unresponsive, so Wood called 911. When police arrived, La’Rayah’s body was cold and stiff. She died at Summerlin Hospital of multiple blunt force injuries, and her death was ruled as a homicide.

A coroner investigator also noted that La’Rayah had bruising all over the body, a bump on her left forehead, a distended abdomen suggestive of internal injuries, and an elevated white blood cell count, also suggesting internal injuries or infection.

The Girl’s Mother is Also Involved

Wood wasn’t the only adult who punished La’Rayah. The little girl’s mother, Amy Taylor, age 25, also disciplined the girl. She, too, stands accused of murder and child abuse.

Taylor had already been arrested for child abuse/neglect and had posted the $5,000 bail. After the death of La’Rayah, Taylor was immediately rebooked on the murder charge. Taylor reported to the police that her daughter was both defiant and stubborn and that she had sat on La’Rayah’s chest a week ago as a punishment. She had also used her hand and a belt to spank the little girl.

Cruel Punishment Leads to Tragedy

On the morning of April 9th, La’Rayah had, apparently, bit Taylor. At that point, La’Rayah was spanked by her mother and told to stand in the corner. When Woods got home to the apartment, Taylor left for the store. It was at that point that Woods had La’Rayah do the exercises. He told Metro he thought she was faking her injuries, initially, until she stood up and started swaying while walking.

The report states, “Wood stated that he picked [her] up and told her to stop playing… Wood stated that he then realized that she was not playing.”

La’Rayah’s father, Danuan Davis, arrived in Las Vegas from California for the hearing, during which he said, “You purposely hurt my kid. I never thought I’d bury my child at five years old.” Davis claimed he had concerns about his daughter’s welfare and stated that his daughter was afraid to be with her mother and Woods. “I’m sorry I didn’t listen,” he said.