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Las Vegas Father Sleeps; 2-year-old Son is Fatally Shot

26-year-old Michael Logan had a heavy heart as he sat in court during his trial. He is being charged with child abuse, neglect, and possession of a gun by a prohibited person. A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney will be his only hope for fighting against these serious charges.

But, none of those charges are the most profound cause of Logan’s despair. Michael Logan’s two-year-old son was shot and killed while Logan, reportedly, slept.

How Did The Tragic Death Happen?

According to Metro police, Messiah was playing with four other young boys, all under the age of 12, when one of the boys, about 10-years-old, fired the shot that killed two-year-old Messiah.

Logan’s Defense lawyer, Doug Crawford, argued in court this Monday that Logan did nothing wrong. “It’s not a crime to be asleep while your children are playing with neighbors and then to have an accident occur,” Crawford said in court.

Other Factors at Play

Crawford also suggested outside of court that his client’s race —African American — played a role in his arrest. “Our defense on this is going to be very strong, and I think ultimately the facts will prevail in favor of my client,” Crawford said. “I hate to bring up this ugly monster, but I suspect if this same set of facts had happened to a sunny, shiny family in Summerlin, we would have a different outlook by police. At least part of this could be racially motivated.”

Prosecutor Sam Kern said that Logan tried to hide the gun as police arrived at the home. Investigators are still looking into whether this claim is valid or not. Kern also asked Las Vegas Justice of the Peace, Melanie Tobiasson, to set Logan’s bail at $300,000, sharing with the judge that Logan knew the gun was in his home (the bail was set at $31,000.)

Could This Have Been Prevented?

So how secure had the gun been when Logan fell asleep? And was it truly the 10-year-old neighbor that shot little Messiah, or was it — as the neighbor’s parents claim, Messiah who accidentally pushed down on the trigger and shot himself? These questions may never have clear answers. And even if they did, the tragedy remains: an innocent 2-year-old boy is dead due to a firearm.