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Man Arrested for Child Sex Assault and Kidnapping

Antwon Perkins was arrested after being accused of child sexual assault and kidnapping. He was taken into custody after he barricaded himself in a residential apartment in the northwest part of Las Vegas and threatened to kill himself; the home Perkins had barricaded himself inside was not his own. Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers agree that he will have to mount a vigorous defense to answer to the charges against him.

The Disturbing Details of The Crime

Metro police officers said that on January 24th, officers were dispatched and sent to Ralph Cadwallader Middle School located on the 7700 block of Elkhorn Road to investigate reports of sexual assault and kidnapping. The victim, a 12-year-old female student at the middle school, had arrived in class that day and told staff that she’d been kidnapped and sexually assaulted while on the way to school that morning.

Following that report, Las Vegas Metro Police conducted an investigation and reported that the student had been walking to school and passed a convenience store at the intersection of Cimarron Road and Farm Road. At that time, a black dually pickup pulled up next to the student, and Perkins got out of the truck and forced her inside by grabbing both of her arms and pulling her into the truck.

The victim told police she was forced onto the floorboard of the truck while Perkins covered her face with a jacket. He then drove her to another location where the sexual assault occurred. The young girl reported that, after the disturbing sexual assault, Perkins drove around about 20 minutes before allowing her to put her clothes back on and eventually dropping her back off in the area where she was initially abducted. Perkins told the girl to give him her address, and he said he’d kill her parents if she ever told anyone about the incident.

A Brave Report and The Ensuing Standoff

At that point, the girl ran to school and immediately reported the incident to the school officials; police were notified. Shortly after this, police received a phone call from Perkin’s fiancée, who said Perkins was threatening to kill himself because, according to Perkins, Metro police were trying to kill him. Police were able to then tie Perkins to the recent crimes after viewing street footage of him/his truck.

Street videos led police to an apartment complex where 35-year-old Perkins had barricaded himself inside an apartment that was not his own. After an hours-long standoff with officers, Perkins was taken into custody.

A History of Violence

Police reported that they are unsure if this is the first time Perkins assaulted a child or not, and they began investigating potential, additional crimes. Perkins was swiftly linked to a second victim and is now awaiting charges on that case; it involves an 11-year-old girl who was abducted back in May of 2018. Perkins had lured her into his car before sexually assaulting her at gunpoint. She was then found naked and abandoned in an alleyway.

As for the case of the Ralph Cadwallader Middle School victim, Perkins appeared in court to face charges of kidnapping, sexual assault, battery, and lewdness; his bail was set at $500,000.