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Man Faces Two Murder Charges in Las Vegas

The homicides occurred approximately eight months apart, and now the sole perpetrator faces murder charges for them both.

The man is 41-year-old Elijah M. Lynum. His first murder was committed back on December 12th of 2017. The second was committed last month, August 2018. The arrest warrant was issued after the second murder, as per court records. Lynum was arrested the day following the issuance of the warrant. He will now need to work with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to answer to these serious charges.

What Are the Details of the Crime?

As per the warrant, metropolitan police share than Lynum is suspected of murdering 25-year-old Tyrone Johnson inside of a trailer back in December. Lynum was one of three men who entered a bedroom in the trailer and shot the victim multiple times.

Homicide detectives were informed of the arrogant way in which Lynum “bragged” about his murder crime. He allegedly described the murder in very intimate details, including describing the murder scene.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Detectives believe Lynum’s motive for the murder was the beating of Lynum’s brother that involved the murder victim.

Why Did It Take so Long for Police to Develop a Case Against Lynum?

Although the shooting took place last year, it took police several months to develop Lynum as a suspect. This was in part due to interviews that police conducted with several witnesses that would place Lynum at the scene of the crime on the day and time of the murder.

Later on, in June, Lynum was jailed at Clark County Detention Center on a drug offense, and police interviewed him regarding the murder. After the interview, they were further convinced of his guilt. However, they did not have enough information to apprehend him. He was released from jail at an unspecified date.

What About the Second Crime?

The second murder was of 44-year-old Ted Williams Hale. He suffered from a gunshot wound to the chest in an east valley apartment. Metro detective Lt. Ray Spencer reported on the case to the Las Vegas Review-Journal relaying the following.

A 911 caller had discovered Hale in the doorway of an abandoned apartment that was often used by homeless squatters. He was found after a fight at the apartment complex. The initial investigation showed that Hale had been staying at this apartment complex with several people before the shooting; the other occupants fled after the shooting.