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North Las Vegas Murder of Mother and Two Children

The killing took place in a convenience store parking lot. 17 gunshots were fired. The bullets penetrated into Susan Nash and her two children, Deonte and Dejona Nash. All three were killed. As if not enough of a tragedy, the family was then run over by an SUV. A group of Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys says this is one of the most shocking recent crimes in the valley.

What Are the Details of the Crime?

North Las Vegas police reported there were two gunmen on the scene. One gunman was a family friend of the murdered victims, according to police. Officer Aaron Patty told the Associated Press that the man is not in custody and has not yet been interviewed by detectives.

The other criminal was Jose Easley Jr., who was, indeed, arrested at the scene. He was the initial shooter and driver of the Tahoe that ran over Susan Nash and her family. It appears that Jose and the first gunman exchanged fire at each other, and the innocent family was caught in the hailing of bullets.

Was The Family Involved?

Or was the family entirely uninvolved? Police say the gunfire erupted after Nash family members, accompanied by their family friend, confronted Easley about a previous argument. Easley claims that in that last argument, a Nash family member had put a gun to his head.

“This is obviously a very devastating situation,” Officer Patty said.

Officers continue to investigate the relationship between the Nash family, the friend, and Easley. They have access to surveillance footage from neighboring businesses and are interviewing witnesses.

“We’re gonna have a lot of evidence and information to gather off of this to be able to help bring some justice to the families,” Patty said.

About the Victims

Susan Nash was 52 years old and the mother of four children. She worked as a special education teacher’s aide and was a loveable face to those who worked with her at Desert Pines High School. Her son, Deonte, was 31. Her daughter, Dejona, was just 20. Their deaths were ruled homicides.

One of two surviving children, De’Andre Nash, stated, “My momma was a queen. My sister was a princess… My big brother was a king.” De’Andre shared stories of the antics his big brother would play on him to get him to smile. Sadly, Deonte was also the father of an 8-year-old boy who will now grow up without his father.

Dejona was spoken of fondly and tenderly by survivors. Her brothers called her their “baby” and saw her as a strong woman who stood up for herself and her family. She was raising her child, a baby girl, who will now grow up without her mother.