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Officers Hit by Drunk Driver on New Years Day

Jonathan Kim, 27, was arrested after hitting two Las Vegas Metropolitan police officers on New Year’s Day. Although Metro has not officially confirmed the names of the two officers involved, the arrest report for Jonathan Kim identifies the injured officer as “J. Bozarth” and the uninjured officer as “M. Ware.” Further public records indicate the ‘J’ stands for Jeremy and the ‘M’ stands for Matthew. Kim will now need to work with a skilled Las Vegas DUI attorney to answer to these charges.

How Did The DUI Crash Occur?

The two officers were investigating a different DUI crash at approximately 4:30 a.m. on January 1st, on Paradise Road near the Hard Rock Hotel. During their investigation, they were hit by Jonathan Kim, according to the arrest report.

M. Ware’s police motorcycle and J. Bozarth’s police car were both parked in the far left lane on Paradise; their lights were flashing. Ware was standing about 3 feet to the left of his motorcycle as Bozarth climbed out of his patrol car and walked toward him.

The Metropolitan Police Report indicates that Kim was traveling south on Paradise when his car hit the back end of Officer Ware’s parked motorcycle. He also hit Ware’s right leg. The motorcycle was thrust into Officer Bozarth, who was knocked to the pavement. At that time, Kim continued to drive south on Paradise, hitting Bozarth’s vehicle, before finally stopping.

The man who had been arrested for the first DUI (the reason the officers were stopped) was in the back seat of the patrol car when it was hit. The police report stated that he was not injured after the car was hit.

The Aftermath of The DUI Collision

Kim had not been wearing his seatbelt during the time of the collision and was found shuffling through paperwork in his car, in attempts to locate his registration and insurance, when additional police arrived at the scene. The arresting officer wrote in his report, “Kim appeared to be confused and had bloodshot and watery eyes.” The officer also reported a strong scent of alcohol on Kim’s breath. Kim admitted that he’d had “two beers” before getting in the car. He failed two field sobriety tests and was arrested on the scene.

Officer Bozarth was taken to Sunrise Hospital with acute injuries which resulted in “the prolonged loss of the use of a limb or limbs” according to the report.

Las Vegas DUI Attorneys Have Their Work Cut Out

There were 32 DUI arrests this New Year’s. What a way to start 2019: behind bars. One officer stated, “It’s amazing to me that many people have all the options [and still] make the bad decision” of driving drunk. One of the 32 arrested for DUI was a six-time convicted DUI driver. Though it’s baffling how and why this individual was even allowed to be driving after six convictions, it’s settling to know he’s been arrested, again.

Be safe, Las Vegas. Call an Uber, a Lyft, a friend, or an ex. Just don’t drive drunk.