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Road Rage Incident Leads to Murder

Metro police officers have just located the mysterious white van that contained a driver who chased down and shot to death Jeffrey Boyajian, age 58. According to reports, Jeffrey was killed on August 5th of 2019, just one day shy of his 59th birthday. He was in town visiting his elderly mother and had plans to spend his birthday with her.

The van was located in Los Angeles County and brought back to Las Vegas; however, the suspect remains at large. Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers say that road rage incidents are becoming more common.

What Are the Circumstances Leading to the Crime?

No one is sure what happened to enrage the driver of the white van, but the van was tailgating Boyajian as he drove northbound on interstate I-15. Then, the van pulled up alongside Boyajian and his passenger before the driver opened fire into Boyajian’s car. He fired multiple rounds into Boyajian’s Chrysler 300, striking Jeffrey Boyajian in the chest and murdering him. The van then sped away. The passenger in the Chrysler 300 was unharmed.

Police believe the murder took place between 7:30 and 7:40 p.m. — just seven minutes after Boyajian checked into Las Vegas on Facebook.

A Tragic Loss After a Senseless Crime

The victim’s cousin, Lucy Vanecek, reported to the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Jeffrey’s mother is “heartbroken… The whole family is devastated by this loss, and we hope that police find the person or people who did this.”

Jeffrey Boyajian was born on the east coast, in Massachusetts, but spent most of his youth growing up in Las Vegas, according to Lucy. He’d recently relocated to California and was planning to start a new job on the Monday after his birthday weekend. He was an only child.

Boyajian’s mother declined to speak to the newspaper regarding her son’s death.

Lucy says the family will continue “hoping and praying” that someone comes forward with more information about the murderer. She said that the least her cousin deserves is justice.

Jeffrey was a big fan of the New England Patriots, attending concerts, and his beloved mother.