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Second Suspect Arrested in Fatal Crime

Last Wednesday, Metro found a second suspect involved in a fatal shooting and abduction case. 26-year-old Jessica Tolentino-Arciga was taken into custody in conjunction with the crime.

How is She Connected to The Crime?

27-year-old Joseph L. Fernandez Jr. had already been accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s house and abducting her in a gray BMW. According to Metro police, he is also blamed for shooting his ex-girlfriend’s friend.

What Crimes are They Charged With?

The shot friend was hospitalized and later died of his wounds.
Prosecutors charged Fernandez with murder as well as conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping, burglary, battery, and home invasion. Tolentino-Arciga was charged with kidnapping, conspiracy to commit murder, and conspiracy to commit kidnapping. As these are serious crimes, they will need the help of a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to present their answer to the charges.

It was reported that Fernandez dragged his ex-girlfriend by the hair into the BMW and hit her in the head when she tried to escape from him. The Metro report states that Fernandez pointed a handgun at her and told her she was going to be killed if she didn’t stop screaming.

How Were They Caught?

Tolentino-Arciga helped to restrain Fernandez’ ex-girlfriend. After a Metro helicopter noticed the BMW driving recklessly, officers were sent to chase down the car near the intersection of the I-15 and Tropicana. Police then arrested Fernandez. Tolentino-Arciga was later detained once she was found.