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Senior Citizen Robbed After Being Followed Around Walmart Shopping Plaza

Two suspects targeted an innocent senior citizen and robbed her at gunpoint as she was exiting a shopping center near Serene and Eastern in Henderson near I-215 and Eastern. Police are currently looking for the two suspects who followed the senior through several stores, stalked her as she walked to her car, and then trailed behind her for about 15 minutes until crashing into the back of her car.

The Progression of the Crime

At that point, the suspects pulled out a gun and demanded the woman’s valuable belongings, including her purse and jewelry.

The police have images of the suspects thanks to cameras in the Walmart shopping plaza. Henderson Police Department Officer, Scott Williams, said, “Initially all we had is a basic description of them when the robbery first occurred. As we were looking through the surveillance, we were able to see that the suspect she described were exactly the males following her around and casing her in the store.”

A Strong Criminal Defense Plan is Needed

Thankfully, despite the trauma of this event, the woman is not physically injured. The men are facing charges and will need to prepare a criminal defense strategy in response to the alleged crime.