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Video Footage Shows Violent Police Pursuit Near Downtown Las Vegas

Raw and wild body camera footage documented suspects firing 34 shots at Las Vegas police officers along the busy downtown streets of Las Vegas. The footage was so intense that some viewers even likened it to a Hollywood action film.

In the footage, a Las Vegas Metro Officer is seen chasing two men in an SUV as it speeds through the streets downtown near an elementary school. Simultaneous to the chase, the metro officer is shooting out of his front windshield and through his side window, to combat the shots being fired at him.

Suspects Flee Scene and Chase Ensues

The two suspects allegedly fled the scene after a July 11th traffic stop conducted by police who were investigating the murder of a man in a nearby car wash, as reported by Fox5 Vegas.

Once they fled, there were over 60 shots traded between the suspects and the persistent officer. Behind his wheel, William Umana can be heard yelling, “Shots fired! Shots fired!” many times. After another officer’s car joined the chase, Umana warned the officer to stay back. The second officer’s car was hit with bullets, and was unable to continue the chase. The chase ended when the suspects crashed into an elementary school. No children, teachers, or employees were injured.

Chase Ends at Elementary School

Las Vegas police released the body camera footage on Monday of the suspects weaving through traffic until their crash. One of the men was reported dead and the other wounded. The wounded man exited the car as it was still moving near Hollingworth Elementary School. He ran up the steps to the school and attempted to enter, but the doors were locked.

The suspect still in the car moved to the driver’s seat and tried to back up over Umana, but Umana was fast approaching him with his gun out, alongside plainclothes officer, Paul Solomon, who approached the passenger side door of the crashed vehicle. The suspect was shot and handcuffed while medical was called, but was later pronounced dead.

The suspect who had attempted to enter the school had gunshot wounds from the earlier pursuit and/or from a shooting earlier that morning. He is in custody and will need the help of an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney.

The Armed Suspects are Identified

While investigating the car wash shooting, police determined that the suspects’ car matched the description of the suspects’ of the car wash shooting.

Officer Umana is being praised as a hero due to the fact that he could have backed off to protect himself as the bullets were flying through his car, but he didn’t. He showed a level of bravery and professionalism that Metro reports, “we come to expect of our officers.”

The two suspects were later identified as Rene Nunez, 30 (in custody) and Fidel Miranda, 23 (deceased.) Nunez and Miranda both have criminal pasts. Nunez has been convicted three times and also has been arrested on robbery with a deadly weapon, robbery and grand larceny auto charges. Miranda had previously been convicted of conspiracy to commit robbery and arrested for robbery, kidnapping, grand larceny auto, prohibited person in possession of a firearm and narcotics.