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Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Business Contracts and Negotiations in Las Vegas

As a business owner, it is imperative that anyone who does business with your company signs a contract. Not only do you want to protect your business, but also you want to be sure that both parties are aware of exactly what it is they are supposed to do within the business relationship. A contract takes care of these issues and documents all of the parties’ rights moving forward.

There are an incredibly large amount of situations where a contract comes into play. Do you have employees? What about that independent contractor who provided a one-time service? Are you planning to license out your intellectual property to an individual or business? Do you want to sell your business or buy someone else’s? Does your company have employee handbooks that each employee signs? These are all questions that necessitate a contract come into play!

What is as important as having a contract in place is ensuring that a legitimate attorney who knows the particulars of your business drafts the contract. Paying for a contract that you download on-line is a waste of time; these contracts are done in “broad strokes,” and don’t take into consideration the particulars of your business, or even the particulars of the state’s laws where your business is located!

It’s also unwise to attempt to draft these contracts yourself. Time and time again, we see individuals who attempted to “copy and paste” a contract together from the things they found on the Internet, only to realize that they missed vital parts of the agreement and ended up hurting themselves worse.

Another item that is of great importance is the negotiation of contracts. It is important that you have someone in your corner who has experience with contracts, knows the laws concerning your issues and understands exactly where it is you want the negotiation to go. Often times, businesses thrive on negotiating with other businesses who aren’t represented by attorneys, because they know their lawyers negotiating for them will get the upper hand. Don’t let this happen to you!

At Half Price Lawyers For Business we have seasoned contract attorneys capable of drafting custom contracts for you at reasonable prices. Don’t sacrifice your business, come in for a free consultation today and let Half Price Lawyers For Business help you will all of your contract needs!

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