Create an LLC or Incorporate in Las Vegas, NV

One of the most important decision a business owner can make is to organize or incorporate that business into a separate entity. The use of a limited liability entity (e.g. Corporation, Limited Liability Company “LLC”, Limited Liability Partnership “LLP”, etc.) ensures that the personal assets of the owners of that entity are not at risk for the actions of that entity. In other words, all the things you’ve worked so hard for shouldn’t be at risk for what you do with your business. The best part is that this protection is automatic and appears the moment registration paperwork is properly filed. And yet, despite the extraordinary value and benefit of this legal action, notwithstanding the low cost, millions of business owners continue to operate their businesses as Sole Proprietorships, General Partnerships or absent any structure at all.

What’s the Difference Between Incorporating and an LLC?

For centuries, the “corporation” was the dominant limited liability structure. It is a rigid and formal structure which offers a great deal of “default” rules, protections, etc. These are the rules that apply if you do nothing after simply incorporating. The limited liability company or LLC first appeared in Wyoming as a hybrid of the corporate and partnership structures. The idea was to deliver the flexibility of a partnership with the protections of a corporation. It was brilliant and it worked. Today, the overwhelming majority of new businesses employ the LLC structure, because it is less expensive to start, less expensive to administer, offers infinitely more flexibility than the corporation and can be taxed identically to a corporation (if you elect to do so).

At Half Price Lawyers for Business, we want organization/incorporation to be the first step that business owners take, so that, at a minimum, their personal assets are safe. To that end, we offer the guaranteed lowest prices for organization/incorporation.