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Obtaining a license for your business can be a bit more complicated than it may seem at first glance. Business owners are often unaware that the Las Vegas area is broken into “territories” in terms of where a specific business is located and what type of license it may require.

Every business will need to obtain a state license in order to open their doors. A state license is required regardless of where in Nevada the company is located. In order to obtain your state license, you need to register your company with the Nevada Secretary of State. After an initial filing, you will receive your state business license and your Articles of Organization. You will need to renew your state business license on a yearly basis and pay a state fee to accomplish this.

Outside of a state business license, you will also need to obtain a city or county license for your business. This license is based on where your business is located. If your company is located in the greater Las Vegas area, you will likely need to obtain one (1) of the following licenses: City of Las Vegas, Clark County, City of Henderson or City of North Las Vegas. These are all separate jurisdictions, and simply because your business is located physically in both Las Vegas and Clark County, does not mean you’ll need both, as the jurisdictions for business licenses are different from physical address boundaries!

Each business will also need to obtain a Nevada Tax Permit. This application requires a significant amount of information, including but not limited to, social security numbers, bank account information, addresses, names, revenue obtained and much more. This business is necessitated regardless of what type of business you have or where you are located in the state.

Lastly, it is important to remember that every business will need an Employer Identification Number (or EIN). This is a number, given by the IRS that allows you to open up a bank account for your business. Every bank will require you to obtain this prior to opening a bank account in order to comply with tax laws.

Obtaining the proper licenses, while one small step in the process of starting a business, can be difficult to navigate. Half Price Lawyers For Business can help you obtain all of the necessary licenses in order to get your business started and allow you to avoid the headache that the business license application process can cause. Come in for a free consultation today!

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