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10 Things You Need To Know About Insurance Form SR-22 After a DUI

When you get a DUI conviction, you can expect your car insurance rates to go up. But what you might not know is that you must provide proof to the State of Nevada that you have car insurance after a drunk driving conviction.

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles requires drivers to complete and submit form SR-22 through their insurance company. You may want to address this requirement with your Las Vegas DUI lawyers. Here’s what you need to know about how to file form SR-22 after a DUI in Nevada.

1. What Is Insurance Form SR-22 in Nevada?

Form SR-22 is a form that verifies that you have car insurance. It’s a form that you file with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to prove that you have car insurance.

Usually, you file form SR-22 after a DUI, but there are some other circumstances like accidents or getting caught driving without insurance that can trigger a form SR-22 requirement. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles requires you to file the form before they reinstate your driver’s license.

2. How Do I Get Insurance Form SR-22 in Nevada?

Your insurance company has form SR-22. They should have the form and know how to file it with the State of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles when you ask. If you need to file form SR-22, tell your insurance company and ask them to submit the form.

3. Does Filing Form SR-22 Raise My Car Insurance Rates?

Yes, form SR-22 raises your car insurance rates. It’s not the act of filing form SR-22 itself that raises your insurance rates, but getting a DUI almost always results in higher insurance rates.

Insurance companies rate drivers based on their risk. If you have a drunk driving conviction, the insurance companies believe that you’re more likely to get in an accident. You can expect to pay higher premiums for your car insurance if you have to file form SR-22 because of a drunk driving conviction.

4. How Long Do I Need to File Form SR-22?

You must file form SR-22 for three years following the date that you reinstate your driver’s license. It’s up to you to make sure that you keep your SR-22 information current with the Department of Motor Vehicles. You can check with your insurance company and the Department of Motor Vehicles if you have questions about whether you comply.

5. What Happens If My Car Insurance Is Discontinued After a DUI in Nevada?

If you lose or discontinue your car insurance when you need to file an SR-22 form in the State of Nevada, the insurance company notifies the Department of Motor Vehicles using form SR-26.

Then, you have ten days to show the DMV that you have new insurance. The DMV sends you a warning notice. If you’re not able to show that you have new coverage in 10 days, the DMV suspends your license. It’s unlawful to drive without the required insurance minimums in the State of Nevada, so if you drive without insurance, you violate the law.

6. Do I Still Have to File Form SR-22 If I Decide Not to Own a Vehicle After a DUI?

Yes, you still have to file form SR-22 after a DUI even if you decide not to own a motor vehicle. The only way to get a valid license in Nevada after a DUI is to file form SR-22.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you own a vehicle; the SR-22 form is required to get your valid driver’s license reinstated. You may choose not to have a valid license and not file the form, but filing form SR-22 is the only way to restore a valid driver’s license after a drunk driving conviction in the State of Nevada.

7. When do I file form SR-22 after a Nevada DUI?

You file form SR-22 in Nevada after your license suspension period ends. The length of your license suspension depends on whether you have prior DUI convictions. For a first drunk driving conviction, your suspension is three months. For a second conviction, the suspension period is one year. For a third conviction, your license is suspended for three years. After you wait out the period of suspension, you can file form SR-22 and take other necessary steps to reinstate your driver’s license.

8. What happens if I don’t file form SR-22 after a DUI in Nevada?

If you don’t file form SR-22 after a DUI in Nevada, you can’t get a valid driver’s license. Your license remains suspended. There’s no other option for getting back on the road lawfully than filing form SR-22.

9. Can I Get a License in Another State If My Nevada Driver’s License Is Suspended?

No, you can’t get a license in another state if your Nevada driver’s license is suspended. Each state requires you to be completely free of all other suspensions before you qualify to receive a valid license.

States share information about DUI convictions and driving records. While you might fool a state into issuing you another license, that license isn’t actually valid until you clear up suspensions from another state. When the new state learns about your prior suspension, you can expect to face charges for driving on a suspended license.

10. Is There Any Way to Avoid Having to File Form SR-22 After a Nevada DUI?

The best way to avoid having to file form SR-22 after a Nevada DUI is to avoid a DUI conviction and license suspension. After a DUI arrest, you must work very quickly to demand a hearing on the issue of your driver’s license suspension.

There may be ways to attack the license suspension that comes with drunk driving, but you must take action right away after an arrest to preserve your right to a hearing and gather the evidence that you need to defend your license.

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