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Driver’s License Suspensions and Revokations After a Nevada DUI

You already know that a DUI in Nevada comes with severe consequences. You’re facing time in jail, probation, and steep fines. One of the things that can be a big problem after a DUI is a driver’s license revocation.

You need your license to get to work, school, and medical appointments. Your license lets you go places and have fun. The thought of losing your license can be daunting. Knowing what license suspensions you’re facing can help you decide how to handle the charges against you and respond in the best way possible. You may also want to work with a Las Vegas DUI attorney to address potential license revocation issues.

What’s the Suspension for Drunk Driving or DUI in Nevada?

If you commit a drunk driving or DUI offense in Nevada, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles automatically suspends your license for 90 days. If you receive a second offense within seven years, your suspension is for one year. If you get a third DUI, you face a minimum three-year revocation. There are also rules for reinstating your license that you need to follow if you want to reinstate your license.

How Do I Know When My License Is Suspended or Revoked? What’s the Process for a Dui License Suspension or Revocation?

When you face a license suspension in Nevada, you receive notice of the effective dates by mail. You can also ask for a copy of your driver’s record which has your revocation dates on it. When you’re first arrested for DUI, the arresting officer confiscates your license. They issue you a temporary license, and they forward paperwork to the Nevada DMV to tell them about the arrest.

You have only a short period of time to request a hearing about your license revocation. Don’t wait for a hearing on the underlying merits of the DUI case. You must make your request immediately for a hearing about your DUI license suspension.

How Do I Reinstate My License After a Nevada License Suspension or Revocation?

To reinstate your license after a period of suspension, you must show the DMV that you meet the requirements for reinstatement. You need form SR-22 to show proof that you have auto insurance. You must typically resolve the underlying criminal charges by an adjudication of guilt or innocence or a dismissal of the case.

In many DUI cases, you must attend alcohol treatment and an alcohol education school before the Nevada DMV will reinstate your license. If it’s your third suspension, you may have to show that you’ve completed three years of alcohol treatment.

Remember, You Must Request a Hearing About Your Nevada License Suspension

If you don’t request a hearing, your license suspension is automatic. By failing to assert your hearing rights, you give up the ability to fight your suspension. Our Las Vegas DUI lawyers can help you assert your rights and preserve your ability to fight the license suspension in your case.

Keep Your Address Correct on Your Driver’s License

The DMV sends the notice of suspension to the address they have on file for you. Keeping your address current with the DMV is essential. It’s no defense if you miss your hearing notice because the DMV has a wrong address.

The Process for a Restricted License After a Nevada License Suspension

If your license gets suspended for DUI, you may be able to get a restricted license after you serve half of the period of suspension. For example, if you have a 90-day suspension, you can ask for a restricted license after 45 days. A restricted license lets you drive to significant places like work, school, and the grocery store.

You must complete an application for a restricted license. The DMV may require proof that you’ve installed an ignition interlock device before they approve your restricted license. You’re not eligible for a restricted license for a second DUI suspension.

If My License Is Suspended, Can I Get a Valid License in Another State?

You might think that you can get around a Nevada license suspension by going to get a valid license in another state. That doesn’t make you a lawful driver in Nevada or the other state.

All states have rules that prevent drivers from getting a valid license if they’re suspended in another state. Even if the state hands you a license, you’re still breaking the law if you drive in either state until you’ve cleared up the Nevada suspension. Your best bet is to address the license suspension in Nevada directly.

Drunk Driving or DUI Suspensions for Drivers Under 21 Years Old

If you’re under 21 years old, you may face a license suspension if you’re caught driving with any bodily alcohol content. You face the same 90-day license suspension that someone over 21 faces for drunk driving. You may also need to show participation in alcohol treatment and an SR-22 form to show proof of auto insurance before you can receive reinstatement of your license.

Drunk Driving or DUI Suspensions for Commercial Drivers

Commercial drivers face stricter rules for DUI suspensions than the general population. A commercial driver with a bodily alcohol content of .04 or higher loses their commercial license for one year. They’re banned for life if they receive a second offense. The same penalties also apply that apply to all drivers.

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Suspension for Refusing a Chemical Test

The suspensions for refusing a chemical test are separate from the license suspensions that you may receive for a drunk driving offense. If you refuse to take the chemical breath test during a DUI investigation, you may receive a license suspension even if you’re never convicted of the drunk driving offense.

In fact, the suspension for refusing a chemical test is one year. If you receive a second suspension within seven years, your suspension lasts for three years.

How Our Las Vegas DUI Attorneys Can Help

Are you facing a license suspension or revocation? Our Las Vegas attorneys can help. We can help you take the proper steps to fight the suspension and reinstate your license as quickly as possible. See why thousands of clients have trusted Half Price Lawyers. Contact us today to talk about your case.

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