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16-Year Old Shot & Killed in North Las Vegas

A candle-lit vigil was held for 16-year-old Aneas King. Groups of saddened people held balloons, candles, and special mementos in honor of Aneas, who was fatally shot at the location on January 9th of this year.

A Crime Ridden North Las Vegas Intersection

The corner of San Miguel Avenue and Coleman Street in North Vegas has become a red zone for dangerous activity. In fact, since December, 75 percent of all the homicides in North Las Vegas have occurred within a 2-square-mile area containing this particular intersection (data supported by Las Vegas Review-Journal research.)

At the vigil, in stark contrast to the sad and peaceful tone – which included small candles spelling out Aneas’s name on the ground – there was a great deal of anger in the air. The tension grew so thick, in fact, that people ran away from the scene and police were called in to calm down the vigil participants. One of the participants who had been shouting could be heard screaming, “He should never have come here.” It was unclear what her cries were in reference to.

An Arrest is Made in the Murder

The exact cause and manner of Aneas King’s death are still under investigation by North Las Vegas police. However, a suspect has been arrested and will need to work with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to respond to these serious allegations.

On January 9th, the North Las Vegas Police Department arrested Allen Griffin for the shooting and killing of Aneas. Griffin is strongly suspected of being an active gang member and was identified by police as a suspect after they received information regarding a marijuana deal involving Griffin and someone that King knew.

What Happened Leading up to The Murder?

According to the NLVPD, King accompanied this friend/acquaintance to the drug deal at the corner of San Miguel Avenue and Coleman Street. Because the two realized Griffin has possible gang connections, King brought an airsoft gun to flash for protection, if necessary.

When King’s acquaintance went back inside his house to get a scale and a cell phone, King was shot in the chest by Griffin. At that point, Griffin and his own acquaintance fled the scene of the crime.

King was brought to UMC Trauma where he later passed away from the gunshot wound.

Investigators were able to find the airsoft gun at the scene of the shooting; however, no marijuana was located. Investigators are still trying to uncover possible video footage of the shooting, though they did identify Griffin via his Facebook account and confirmed his identity through a photo lineup. At that point, he was arrested for murder.