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Dashcams Help Troopers Issue Traffic Tickets

In the age of surveillance, it’s easy to feel a little hesitant about yet another place cameras are watching us. Everything from our phones to our neighbors seems to be spying these days.

However, sometimes a rogue camera captures a moment that proves to be helpful in making the world a bit safer and calmer. One such moment was caught on an innocent driver’s dashcam before being given to a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper, and the world is a better place because of this. Learn more about how dashcams are helping the police find dangerous drivers and give them traffic tickets in Las Vegas.

Caught Violating Traffic Laws

A nutty driver had been slamming on his brakes and swerving toward Trinity Guzman’s vehicle in a bit of road rage, as witnessed by bystanders. Luckily, the angry driver did not harm anyone and was caught on Guzman’s dashcam as he drove on US 95 near Eastern Avenue.

“The only reason I even noticed him is because he was right on my butt,” Guzman reported. “He just spun around wide right and in the video you see him come back into the frame.”

Guzman, 42, said he didn’t panic in the midst of the other driver’s aggressive driving. “I had so much distance,” Guzman said. “I actually wasn’t worried.”

An Aggressive Driver Almost Causes an Accident

However, the camera then captures a shocking moment. The aggressive driver suddenly comes to almost a complete stop in front of Guzman’s vehicle—forcing Guzman to quickly swerve into the emergency lane to keep from an accident.

“If I had overcorrected to the left, I would have run right into the concrete barrier,” Guzman said. He claims that the other driver wanted that to happen. Why? Who knows. The world is insane at times.

As if that maneuver wasn’t enough, the nutty driver then tried again to run into Guzman (the driver pulled into the emergency lane!)

Submitting a Police Report

Guzman wasn’t going to report the vehicle at first, but after he got home and watched his dashcam video, he thought it was a dangerous situation to keep that aggressive driver on the road, and it was in everyone’s best interest if the driver was reported.

Troopers acted immediately on the video, using the driver’s personalized plates to track him down. He was issued a Las Vegas traffic ticket for reckless driving, impeding traffic, and changing lanes without a signal.

Making it Easier to Issue Tickets

Las Vegas troopers claim that video cameras, such as dash cameras, are making it easier for them to write deserved tickets for irresponsible drivers.
Troopers suggest more drivers install dashcams on their dashboards to help protect themselves on the roads.