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Witness Hit by Car after Leaving Regional Justice Center

The suspected driver, Shaquilla Stafford, 44, was placed in custody after hitting a court witness with her car outside of the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas. She is now being charged with attempted murder and will need to work with a qualified criminal defense attorney to mount a vigorous defense to the charges.

Understanding What Happened

Police reported that the victim was leaving the courthouse when Shaquilla, who had been waiting in the parking garage across the street in her car, aimed her vehicle at the victim, drove over the curb, and ran her over. Las Vegas Metro Police Department Captain Andrew Walsh said, “It appears at this point that our victim was targeted by the suspect.”

The victim suffered injuries to her leg and is expected to recover, after being rushed to UMC hospital. According to a relative, the victim is still in “a lot of pain” not to mention the emotional turmoil.

“It’s a pretty tough time,” the victim said.

What May Have Caused This Targeted Crime?

Criminal Defense Attorney Johnathan Mac-Arthur described a scene outside the courthouse before the incident, involving hostile exchanges between Shaquilla and the victim, who was later identified as Queva Stafford. Harsh words were spoken before Shaquilla appeared to be driving away, but then the situation shifted as Shaquilla drove back to the scene and eventually hit and injured Queva.

It turns out both women are linked to an ongoing murder trial which began after the September 2016 murder. Prosecutors reported that Queva is the sister of the man murdered last year, whereas Shaquilla is related to the man accused of the murder.