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Resident Agent Services in Las Vegas

When registering our business with the Nevada Secretary of State, one question you will need to answer is this: “Who Is Your Registered Agent?” A Registered Agent is someone who receives documentation on your behalf in order to ensure that is has been received.

In serious situations such as lawsuits, the state of Nevada wants to ensure that any business that is registered with the state has someone who is responsible for receiving important documents and notifying the business owner. This is where your Registered Agent steps in. Your Registered Agent is listed on the Nevada Secretary of State’s website as an individual (with an address) where important, and most likely, legal documentation can be sent.

It is common for an attorney to be listed as a Registered Agent. This way, when or if something of a legal nature is received (such as a Complain or Summons), that attorney can immediately read it, summarize what it is and explain to you fully what needs to be done. Registered Agents keep a sharp look out for these important documents, which allows business owners not to worry about misplacing something, throwing something away or worrying about opening “legal looking” documents.

There are companies who will provide “Commercial Registered Agent Services” for large sums of money. These are companies that simply forward mail received onto the business owner, charge large sums of money and have no legal expertise regarding the documents. Why pay more? Half Price Lawyers For Business can provide Registered Agent services for a one-time low yearly fee, and ensure that your important documents are safely received and explained fully. Schedule a free consultation to find out more today!

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