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Mom Drowns Her 2-Year Old in Bathtub – Bail Set at $1 Million

Linette Boedicker, age 44, who also goes by the name Linette Warrichaiet, has officially been charged with homicide after being suspected of murdering her own baby by holding the child under water until she stopped breathing.

Police rushed to Linette’s Sunset Terrace Apartment after they received a 911 call from Linette. Sadly, it was too late to revive the young child.

Neighbor Lisa Campbell was noticeably distraught after hearing about the homicide. “I’m just really devastated,” she said.

What Led to This Tragic Crime?

Investigators were also concerned with this case, beginning with the suspicious, non-responsive way Linette had interacted with the 911 phone operators. Investigators reported that after Linette called 911 and said her baby was floating in their bathtub, the dispatcher became very alarmed that Linette did NOT listen to their instructions to take the baby out of the tub and administer CPR. “Those instructions went unanswered,” shared Lt. Ray Spencer, the head of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Division.

Police Arrive Too Late

Police were quick to arrive at the apartment after the call; they arrived in less than 5 minutes. However, Linette took quite some time to answer the door once they arrived – another suspicious action given the situation – but not as horrifying as the fact that the child was still floating in the bathtub when the police arrived; the mother had done nothing to attempt to save her own baby. When police could not revive the baby, she was rushed to a nearby hospital and soon after pronounced dead.

Spencer stated in a brief to Action News, “Disturbing is an understatement. I have officers out here who are shaken up. We have a two-year-old that was senselessly murdered.”

Investigators Determine Mother Intentionally Committed The Crime

Once detectives questioned Linette, they became confident this was not an accident at all. Even another of Linette’s neighbors, who did not want to be named, explained that Linette “had no remorse” and her demeanor showed no grief or sadness that her baby had just passed away.

A History of Police Visits and Domestic Abuse

In another piece of evidence pointing to Linette’s guilt, police had been called on a domestic violence call earlier that day to Linette’s apartment. When they arrived, the man who had been arguing with Linette was nowhere to be found. Linette was left alone with the baby at that point.

A former neighbor shared that she knew of at least five different occasions where Linette had been abused by the man. Police do not believe he had anything to do with the murder of the child, however, the repeated abuse may have contributed to Linette snapping.

Linette’s bail was set at 1 million dollars. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. on May 28th. Experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys say these types of crimes are challenging to defend against.