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Robbers on the Las Vegas Strip Caught and Arrested

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police arrested two young men, Johnny A. Terrell Jr., age 23, and Marquan A. Jackson, age 24; both men are being faced with charges ranging from robbery, to assault, to grand larceny of an automobile.

Terrell, additionally, faces several weapons-related charges. Although no one was seriously injured during these crimes, both of the accused will need the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney to answer to the charges.

The Events Leading to The Crimes

The charges were incurred after a mini-robbing spree took place on the Las Vegas Strip last week. The two men were first reported at approximately 11:15 p.m. at the Treasure Island parking garage, as per Metro Lt. David Gordon’s reporting.

A 71-year-old woman was walking with her adult daughter and young granddaughter when the two men approached them, physically threatened them and took their money and personal belongings before fleeing the parking garage in a van.

The Crime Spree Continues

Shortly after that, at approximately 11:30 p.m., Terrell and Marquan approached an 18-year-old couple near the Neiman Marcus in the Fashion Show Mall parking garage. Terrell was armed when he threatened the couple; he and Marquan demanded their money and property, then fled the scene after they were in possession of the couple’s belongings.

Later that evening, a patrol officer discovered the two men inside their vehicle in the SLS parking garage. When the two men realized they’d been found, they rammed into a patrol car trying to escape — no officers were inside — then fled on foot. After a foot chase, Metro arrested Terrell and Marquan.

A Heavy Police Presence

Around 1 a.m. on Tuesday morning, officers taped off the entryway to the SLS off of Paradise Road. The Las Vegas Review-Journal interviewed Jennifer Cote and her husband, who had recently been dropped off in front of the SLS by their Lyft driver. The couple was taking photos of the police scene during the interview.

“We don’t see police out like this where I’m from,” Jennifer, the newlywed from Oklahoma, told the Review-Journal. “Not this many at once.”

The couple was visiting Las Vegas for their honeymoon and told the LVRJ the SLS fiasco was “just another part of the Vegas experience.”