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Suspects Caught and Arrested After Violent Crime Spree

Six suspects are being charged after kidnapping a 74-year-old man at gunpoint.

How Did This Happen?

The man was inside his home when the crime took place. The suspects bound him with cords and tape while they rummaged through his house. They stole items from his safe including firearms and jewelry, as well as the man’s vehicle.

An Escalating Series of Events

This wasn’t the end of the group’s crimes. Shortly thereafter, they kidnapped another man who was leaving from his job. After taking his car, they forced him to withdraw money from an ATM and then dropped him off on the opposite side of town, taking his car.

The group has been involved with over a dozen violent crimes in Las Vegas, during last month alone. Fortunately, Metro police announced the group has been “dismantled.” Those arrested include Dilon Hess, 25; Alexis “Lexis” Haslinger, 19; Seth Meeks, 19, Lee Estrada, 33; Shyla Rosa, 20, and Cierra Cipriani, 22.

Las Vegas Crime Spree Comes to an End

The crime spree ended when Metro detectives discovered three of the suspects parked in a stolen vehicle. As they approached in their unmarked car, one of the suspects rammed into it violently before attempting to flee. Their actions likely mean they will be facing a host of serious criminal charges and will need a qualified criminal defense attorney.

Captain Sasha Larkin believes the six suspects may have been motivated by drugs.

Officers have since identified six stolen vehicles and linked the group to a variety of violent crimes across the valley. Larkin reminds the public to “remain vigilant” as more suspects may be on the run. “This is truly one of the worst crime streaks we’ve seen,” she said.