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No place was hit harder by the 2008 national recession than the Las Vegas valley. Since that time, southern Nevada has led the nation in foreclosure rates and the number of homes that are “underwater.” As a result of this regional crisis, hundreds of law firms began to shift their focus to assist homeowners with mortgage refinancing, short sales or bankruptcy, but few, if any, offered all of these options. Half Price Lawyers offers a complete range of solutions to homeowners, and expertise in each of them. So rather than ending up with the solution that’s best for your lawyer, our lawyers help you find the solution that’s best for you.

Mortgage Modification

The majority of banks and mortgage services offer modification programs for homeowners who have been hardest hit by the current economic crisis, some of them are even backed and financed by the federal government. But they don’t make it easy to find, qualify for or participate in them. Limiting access to these programs limits their cost, and trying to participate in them on your own can be a frustrating process. That’s where Half Price Lawyers can help.

Our negotiation team and business lawyers, collectively, have decades of experience in the banking and mortgage industry and we know how to wade through the red tape and get you the answers you need to make a decision about your home and your financial future. Stop guessing about your eligibility for these programs or searching the Internet for answers. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced lawyers today and know for sure.

Short Sales

Residential Las Vegas short sales are more common than ever. As banks struggle to cope with foreclosed and distressed properties, they have modified their practices to make easier than ever to reach a short sale agreement. Unfortunately, it still takes experienced representation and brokerage to successfully navigate the process.

Short sale may be an available option for you if:

• You can no longer afford your home
• Your mortgage is more than the rental income
• You have suffered a hardship
• You have been forced to relocate
• You are worried about a deficiency judgment
• You have suffered other extraordinary circumstances
Unlike other law firms offering short sale assistance, Half Price Lawyers does not participate in the brokerage of your property, so we focus on representing you and not on making money on your sale. Instead, we have a partnership with the valley’s premiere private short sale broker, Gavish Real Estate (hot-link). The staff at Gavish has successfully concluded more short sales in southern Nevada than any other brokerage, and doesn’t have a large, corporate owner working with the banks and not for you.

Our goal is to be able to explain the short sale process to you, evaluate your options and eligibility and stay with you throughout the process – ensuring that you don’t end up responsible for the deficiency, or for taxes on what you save through the process. Based on recent changes in the law, you may also qualify for a short sale that will allow you to stay in your home and/or buy your home back, at prices that make sense.

There is a lot of bad information available about the short sale process, especially in the Las Vegas area. The truth is, no two short sales are alike. Don’t base the most important financial decision of your life on second hand stories or Facebook advice. Contact one of our experienced short sale attorneys today for a free consultation and know for sure.

Deed / Title Work

The paperwork surrounding your property ownership and/or the transfer of that ownership is as important as the property itself, and if handled improperly, can cost you everything you have invested. The difference between a good document and a bad one, may not always seem like much, and it doesn’t need to cost much, either – but it can be the difference between simply owning the property or not.

Recording ownership with the county recorder is essential to protecting your ownership rights. Transferring property with the proper form/deed ensures that your rights are protected, either as the person transferring the property or the person receiving it. There are plenty of people who will sell you help with these documents, but there is simply no substitute for have them prepared and/or reviewed by an experienced real estate attorney.

Don’t gamble with the most important investments you have, schedule a free consultation with one of our real estate attorneys today.

Real Estate Transactions

Buying and selling real estate has never been more complicated than it is today. Between local regulations, tax restrictions and disclosure requirements, a small paperwork mistake can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars or more. Real estate transactions are as unique as the property they involve and the risk of using an unverified form is far greater than the few dollars you’ll save trying to do it yourself. What’s more, your real estate agent/broker is not an attorney and just like you wouldn’t want your attorney to list your property, or help you select a home, you don’t want your broker doing your legal work.

At Half Price Lawyers, our attorneys have handled thousands of transactions, and have the ability to make sure your real estate deal goes off exactly as you expect, with no surprises and at a fraction of the cost you may expect. It may cost you a lot more to not get help from one of our lawyers than it ever would to actually get it.

Don’t trust your important paperwork to just anyone. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Call and schedule your free consultation with one of our lawyers today.

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