At the time of signing the fee agreement, Client is informed of the likely outcome for each traffic citation such that each Client is informed of what is reasonably likely to happen as a result of the representation, notwithstanding the fact that a specific outcome can never be guaranteed.

Prior to executing the fee Agreement, if it is reasonably expected by either party that traffic school and or driver’s license points shall result, then Client will have acknowledged this by marking the box on Client’s fee agreement indicating that Client understands that points on their driver’s license and/or traffic school will be a likely result.

By marking the box on the fee agreement, both parties agree the Client shall not be entitled to any refund. The following charges are specifically excluded from this guarantee as it is reasonably expected that a Client could receive points on their driver’s license and/or traffic school: citations or criminal charges for reckless driving, aggressive driving, careless driving, hit and run, leaving the scene or failing to report an accident, and driving on a revoked license.

This guarantee shall also not apply to any cases involving minors. Also, the guarantee shall not apply if traffic school or driver’s license points result because of extraordinary facts and/or previous traffic violations not disclosed by Client, in writing, to the Attorney prior to executing Client’s fee agreement.